Week 21: Brescia vs. Milan (Friday, January 24, 2020 20:45 CET)
(01-24-2020, 10:42 PM)ACM2020 Wrote: not much traffic in this thread today even with an ugly but important win. wondering why. maybe everyone is busy celebrating Chinese New Year? Grinundwech

Wtf i thought the match was tonight..... AC Milan app didnt even send notifications... 

Well at least we won. Rebic ftw
I hate this stadium. I remember waiting to see Rui Costa finally play for Milan and he ended up breaking his wrist here. It just seems wobbly and in bad shape

We played bad on the whole. It was a scrappy game from both sides to be honest. Plenty of technical mistakes. Very little crisp play on the ball.

Anyway, I thought Romagnoli was excellent today and Donnarumma obviously saved our ass. Ibrahimovic had a poor game, but was still decisive. He obviously should have scored the sitter in the 1st half.

Bennacer was again great. Kessie was defensively ok, but nothing in possession which isn't surprising. One thing I've noticed though is that Kessie has been instructed to stay further back. Pioli is the first coach that as realised that Kessie is beyond useless in the attacking half and especially attacking 3rd. So then if you're gonna play him, don't let him get too far forward as he won't do anything good anyway. Keep him back and maybe he'll be usefull.

This was probably Theo's worst game in a Milan shirt...but even so, he should have had an assisit with that cross to Ibra in the first, and was unlucky to hit the bar late in the second.

This was the first game I've seen of Tonali where I can say I saw a glimpse of what the hype is about. He was solid defensively and always well positioned. He seems to always find a place for the ball and stays calm when he has it, quickly finding outlets under pressure. Having said that, his youth also showed towards the end and he made many mistakes on the ball when Brescia was chasing the result. Either way, he's got something going for him.

Also...this Torregrossa dude was pretty good. Caused us a ton of problems. To have a player like this on the bench isn't a bad thing. Someone to think about, especially if Brescia gets relegated.

Good to have 3 points even when we played bad. Let's hope for Roma/Atalanta dropping points.

Well done to Rebic again. At this point he should easily be awarded a start. Even though, it's good to have him as an impact sub. Some players impact the game with their energy and pace a lot better when they come off the bench. Maybe Rebic is one of these players.
(01-25-2020, 02:48 AM)AC_Troy Wrote: So you would've downgraded for the money?  I don't think he's legendary like Buffon but I think he will be.  Handanovic was better last season but not this season.


I also don't think you rate a GK solely based on saves and goals conceded.  Some GKs get more work because the players in front of them are shit.  Also, they give up more goals because the players in front of them are shit

We will not agree on this subject. I don't think it's a downgrade and also I wish him the best as long as he is wearing out colors. If he is sold we better get a shit load of money for him.
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!
For Coppa I hope we start Leao with Rebic. Piatek is focused on-leaving so screw that guy. Also, I love Ibra but his speed with the ball and movements show that he is 38. He is such a fighter though. I love that. Though It would be nice to see what two dynamic and fast players could do upfront.

Dude Donna is the truth. We all have to keep remembering that he is only 21 or something. For his position, he is a generational talent like Messi and CR7.
(01-25-2020, 03:47 PM)honsano Wrote: Dude Donna is the truth. We all have to keep remembering that he is only 21 or something. For his position, he is a generational talent like Messi and CR7.

He'll be 21 next month.  I don't think he's a top 10 keeper right now but just outside the top 10.  If you look at the keepers above him, they're all in their late 20s-mid 30s.  He certainly is a generational talent