Week 22: Milan vs. Verona (Sunday, February 2, 2020 15:00 CET)
Ugly win against a Brescia without Balotelli today. Very lucky, probably undeserved too. Nonetheless, that 3 points helped us tentatively move up to 6th in the table, an unbelievable feeling which will soon go away, seeing that this round of Serie A still has ... nine! other games to play.  Devilol Oh well. We can't and shouldn't worry about other games and should definitely just focus on our own. Tackling one game at a time, and this time we will welcome LORD back to San Siro. I am sure that LORD will get a heart-warming standing-ovation for just his mere presence in the Lion's den. 

Back to the game, with all seriousness, Verona isn't a pushover. They have 26 points as of now, only 5 points off us but they are 2 games short, so potentially they are in a better position than we, so this game truly could come down to wire again. The first encounter, iirc, we scored an early penalty and Verona suffered an early red card, and yet we barely escaped with 3 points. This time around, I hope to see another positive performance unlike last one, or most of our stupid games where we were just outplayed and outcoached. If that's not possible, at least I want to see the fighting spirit in everyone, and I hope to see another packed stadium backing up this young team.

To make it difficult, Bennacer is suspended for this game. I don't know who can step up and take his role. Do we even have another player that plays there? Biglia is injured, I think. I am not really very confident in our coach. I don't believe that he will make the right choices. He has shown that again and again. Perhaps he just isn't capable. Maybe we will see Hakan starting from that deep playmaking position, considering the coach's undying love of the Turk.  Icon_lol2 

Overall, I don't know what to expect of this game, also because there are still 9 days until then. Things can change easily and fast, and all I can hope is that we (the team) will be on the upward trend. And I understand that we have a Coppa QF against Torino before that, but I don't really care for it since we have no shot at it. 

All I know is that I can't wait for another Milan game! Big Grin Forza Milan!  Rossonero Rossonero
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Pioli choosing our midfield after Bennacer suspension Icon_lol2
Hey, isn't the mercato open still? Maybe we will get a great player. Grinundwech

I remember we bought Desailly in the middle of 93-94 season and he played as soon as he arrived. (Yes, I know that I am just day-dreaming. We probably have a better chance of getting more garbage, like Tom in your picture! At least Tom doesn't have to pay for his garbage, and doesn't have to worry about getting rid of his garbage six months later. Icon_lol2)
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I'm thinking it's likely to be a midfield of Kessie-Krunic with Castillejo and Calhanoglu on the sides. Rebic-Ibrahimovic up top.

As with every game now, it's a must win. We are at home too. After the recent turn of fortunes, the stadium is bout to have 60k inside again. To be fair, the fans have been showing up and doing their part. It's not on the players/coach to repay the faith.

Let's hope Lazio beats Roma and let's hope Torino takes some points from Atalanta too. All of a sudden, it'll.meam that we're given a lifeline. A couple of signings are a must if we want to hang on to that lifeline. This midfield is 1 injury to Bennacer away from disaster. Hopefully things get moving in the market.
Borini to score. Big Grin
(01-26-2020, 02:32 PM)Artan Wrote: Borini to score. Big Grin

Own goal.  Angel
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Inter fails to beat Cagliari. Nainggolan scored.
I am eagerly waiting for the verdict on Lautaro Martinez's red card. I hope that he will get at least two matches.

Both Romagnoli and Kjaer are slow and probably can't handle him well.
aka xudong
Lautaro will miss yhe derby
(01-27-2020, 11:56 AM)Artan Wrote: Lautaro will miss yhe derby

but Erikssen will play Scared
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