Summer mercato 2020
Bild claims Kouassi has agreed a 5 year deal with Bayern Munich.
(06-16-2020, 05:53 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: Bild claims Kouassi has agreed a 5 year deal with Bayern Munich.

Then get Malang Sarr for free and play 3-man defense.
Genoa wants Milan starlet Pobega on-loan.

Milan pushing harder for Madrid flop Jovic.
Kalulu arrives in Italy Okmilan
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I've never seen Kalulu play. But it seems like he was about to become Lyon's starter and all sorts of promises were made to him in order to stay (if reports are true). In that case, a solid year in Ligue 1 and he would have cost 30+mil or even more.

I'm happy with signings like these. Only an upside is possible. We didn't spend a transfer fee on him, so if he doesn't work out, at least we don't have to worry about selling at a loss or anything.

But this is when we should be signing players (before they breakĀ out). A good scouting system will do that (i'm sure Moncada had a lot to do with this). Once these players becone established in a top 5 European League team, forget it. It's too late and too expensive for us.

On Jovic...I've said before that I'm not convinced. But if we manage to do a 2 yr loan as reported, than it's a very low risk move and we'll see how it pans out. The only thing is, the arrival of Jovic probably excludes the arrival of any other "big" CF. In that case, it'a obviously in our best interest that Jovic turns out good otherwise we'll be screwed.

I'm disappointed the Neres links stoped. I hope we're working on this in the background. We need a pacey, tricky dribbler liks this.

Also, Memphis rumours on and off. Another one that I hope we get our hands on. I watched an old (from September/October) Lyon game a couple days ago. I just got reminded how creative and dangerous Memphis can be in the final 3rd.
Yes exactly, the 'middle' ground 30 million player is not workable at Milan. Either this type or get the super stars.
------Kalulu - Milenkovic - Romagnoli------
--------------Roca ----------- Benna----------------

How much do yoi think this would cost? This can be a 4-2-2-2, 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2, etc. And it's pretty realistic.

-Milenkovic - exchange with LuPaq
-Kalulu - free (no clue if he's good enough to be a starter. Apparently they thought so at Lyon though. But we may have to spend here for another player)
-Roca - 20mil (Espanyol likely to be relegated and prior to that proce tag was between 20 is reasonable)
-Neres - 30mil
-Szoboszlai - 30mil (rumours have this for as low as 20 or as high as 30...i took the high figure)
-Depay - 25mil (1 yr left on contract)
-Jovic - loan

About 100-105mil imo. Totally doable.
It is doable I think

We should remember that one of the Jovic motivations is that he did well with Rebic at Frankfurt
Yea possibly. It'll be good to see what the 2 of them can do together again. But Rebic will still be in the squad this next season, so he can easily be slotted in that lineup if him and Jovic pick up where they left off.
Milan pursuingĀ Perr Schuurs of Ajax after Kouassi snub.