Summer mercato 2020
Ozil was a world class player but isn't anymore IMO. I don't think we need him now (maybe 5 years ago, it would have been perfect).
Hakan's been overall impressive and a real asset for our team in this post-covid era ... And quite "weirdly", he's been very good after being used in his real position ... Smile

So no way for Ozil coming and Hakan leaving ... Let's keep Hakan !
(I know Hakan's very badly rated by most of the people, he can be annoying to watch because he sometimes makes weird choices, but it looks like he is maturing and improving day in day out, and he makes less and less bad choices)

About the striker position, I don't know why, but I can't stop thinking about trying to get Pato or Balotelli (both free) as a bench player to replace Colombo who is maybe not ready yet.
The first one most probably would come here even with a low salary I think as he's definitely in love with Milan (always talking about his years here) and he would want to come back in Italy.
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
Hakan over Özil anyday
(09-12-2020, 11:13 PM)Artan Wrote: challenge for pioli..... make coexit bennacer and tonali , in times of kessie form up

(10-13-2020, 12:53 AM)Siregar Wrote: I think one of our strength is the ability to winning the ball back and it often results to goals. Our offensive players especially the attacking midfielders (wings and CAM) keeps running chasing the lost ball. 

You said Ozil runs more than any other Arsenal player, the question if he now could run in full game to press high like our players? Not necessarily 90 minutes but overall. 

I rate Ozil significantly higher than Hakan, the German is a word class player. The problem is if his character suits to our high-pressing tactic. In addition, in the next couple of days he will be 32 years old. I am afraid his fitness will hinder to fulfill the instructions what to do on the field from our coach to our starting CAM. His wage would be big. It is  actually OK to pay a lot of money for world class player, the problem is for how many years he could deliver world class form? We have so much experience in paying former world class or quality players who could not play like we had expected and it turned to a big problem for us, paying a lot of money for bench player.

Unless u forget, Arsenal is a team of very young players. Ozil still consistently ran more than any one of them. He couldnt have been running after the referee complaining right? The only doubt i would have about his fitness running a full 90 min game is because he last kicked a ball in March. Match fitness. Till that paycut scandal issue broke out, Ozil was statistically in the top 3 performer of Arsenal.

Dont believe for 1 second all that trash the media has been saying about him. The media has been lambasting him ever since that picture with the Turkish President. Every Arsenal loss has been Ozils fault while every win there was no mention of him.. why? Even when he is not on the bench as a sub, somehow the media turns the story and shifts the blame on him even partially.. lol..? I used to like watching Arsenal for their gameplay, now i just watch coz of Aubameyang.. wondering where we could be if we signed Auba instead of Bonucci
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