Prince Boateng
It never occurred to me that way. Interesting that you brought up the comparison, Dev. Smile I would pick Gullit over Boateng, but am happy enough with the latter now. Wink
aka xudong
I am worried about the red card that he got today. The referee that sent him off was the same one that sent off Ibrahimovic last season when we played Fiorentina., almost for the same reason, I believe.

Ibrahimovic got a 3-match ban due to "unsportly" misconduct. I am worried that Boateng may face the same thing. To make it worse, it was Ibrahimovic's second red card in a short period of time, and same for Boateng.

My guess is that: we either get the red card revoked, or Boateng may face a heavy ban. Confused
aka xudong
as I suspected, Boateng would get more than one match's ban.

my new prediction: if Milan appeals (we may not), we could have the ban cut back to only 1 match. this is really an absurb red card to start with. Angry
aka xudong

Boateng quits National Team

I have a lot of respect for him. No one has the responsibility to play for both Club and Country and his decision is respected IMO. It's so tough to travel from Europe to Africa all the time and to play all of those games. It's ridiculous.

The World Cup is amazing but playing in the African Cup of Nations EVERY January is too much. I think players play too much and that's why we see soooo many injuries nowadays. I respect his decision and hope he remains healthy and in top form!
I would reduce leagues to 18 teams (4 games less) and then consider national team fixture issues. Feel free to laugh at me Big Grin
I agree. Then maybe even add the 6+5 rule. Think about how competitive the leagues would be.
(11-04-2011, 03:11 PM)reza Wrote: I would reduce leagues to 18 teams (4 games less) and then consider national team fixture issues. Feel free to laugh at me Big Grin

I agree, I've never been for the 20 team Serie A and would love to see the old 18 team league.
That must have been a tough decision. We, as Milan fans must respect him. It seems like he'll stay loyal to us.
"We are a team of devils. Our colours are red as fire, and black, to invoke fear in our opponents!"
Herbert Kilpin

Nella gioia e nell' dolore, per il Milan eterno amore!
I think he regrets the decision not to wait for Germany as I seriously doubt he would mind playing for them.Good for us he'll be here in Jan.
I respect his decision but I don't know if I could ever personally reject playing for my country. To me there's no higher honour than respresenting your country at the international stage..but I guess everyone thinks differently. At least we won't have that problem of him leaving in January for the African Cup of Nations though.
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