Sulley Muntari
He scored in his debut, so maybe he deserves a thread of his own. Big Grin

In his first interview, he called it a giant step forward as Milan is world's No.1 club in the world. Big Grin Inter fans may not like what he has to say about this move.
aka xudong
Inter fans may not like what he said yes

But sometimes the truth hurts.

I knew this guy could bring us something. I've said it in the mercato thread when we signed him and I say it again today. You can see he needs more match rythm though! Go go sulley
I still dont rate him. He played well in his first few games when he arrived at inter including a friendly against us in which he totally owned our midfielder then he sucked for them
Inter fans jeered at him a lot and not without some reason. Like Chivu, he was awful and totally clueless in so many games that made you wonder which team was he actually playing for.

It's like Bonera with us, an accident waiting to happen. That's why I was against his loan. But hopefully he turns a new leaf with us and his good performance tonight was not a false dawn.
per l'amaro e il dolce
let s take and Chivu at the end of the season Wink
Daniele de Rossi in red & black Sad RINO GATTUSO ENERGY
Chivu was touted as "the new Maldini" about ten years ago. Do you guys know that Big Grin

Well, welcome Muntari!!!
He is the first ex-Inter player to score a goal for Milan in his debut since Simic.
aka xudong
He's a solid signing imo, nothing special but he's better than often given credit for. I think his familiarity with our system will mean he'll be a solid option for the rest of this season at least.
He is my african MVB. I hate him but Its goood to have him on your team . He knows italian footballl and will be solid
He's actually been quite good , has not been the clusterf**k that he was with Inter.But hey Inter make Sneijder look ordinary,