Summer mercato 2021
Tomiyasu joins Arsenal for €20m plus bonuses.
Messias is an amateur player who migrated to Italy and worked as a supermarket staff until 25.

If he could reach the highest level of football in Italy, that means his talents must be special.
This is a dissapointing end to our mercato. We needed a quality AM an RW and we got none of them. We only got a backup winger/AMC who is 30yo and no room for improvement. Pathetic. Until this our mercato looked very good, with a lot of holes filled in our squad. But we needed that starter attacker, be it a AMC or right winger. We should've saved the Messias money till January or next summer as I don't see the point in that signing. Its a pity we didn't sign faivre, at least he had the potential to become a starter. Dammit. very disappointed
Well...seems like that's it. Very disappointing end to the market. I don't want to judge Messias before he even gets a chance, but it's hard not to. This is more like a Meite signing.

Saelemaekers is a very hard worker and he has been improving on all aspects. Still badly misses the end product or any kind of influence in the final 3rd, but he's not bad. Still, we started the market all in agreement that Saelemaekers should be an option, not a starter. But here we are.

Diaz has all the tools to be a started. He's showing that. Problem is, can he keep it up in terms of consistency? The other issue, do we expect him to play 50 games this year? Because we don't have a natural replacement for him and any other options we can slot in will mean change of tactics.
Again, started the market wanting a starting ACM (that's not Diaz). If Diaz is that starting ACM (surely looks good for it after 2 games) then so be it....but not getting another player to be an option is a mistake.

Those are the 2 biggest issues for me. But there are positives too, let's not forget.
We have a legit and experienced option behind Calabria now in the form of Florenzi.
We have 5 solid CBs from the start of the season.
We have Bakayoko in the CM which is a big improvement over Meite.
We have a legit Theo sub in Toure.
We have a legit option behind Ibra in Giroud. We even added Pellegri who only has an upside.

Of course, Adli and Traore are very forward thinking deals by the management. Adli is actually just the type of deal I said we never ever do (just a few days ago) yes we should really start. So 

The unknowns are obviously Kessie's and Romagnoli's renewals. If we lose these 2 for free, it'll be a big minus for the management. More so then Donnarumma and Hakan. You know what they say..."fool me once, shame on you....fool me twice, shame on me."
The average age of Milan team increased from 24.3 to 26 after the summer transfer window.

The value of the team dropped from €547M to €463M.

OFFICIAL: Yacine Adli's contract has been deposited by AC Milan with Lega Serie A.

Any chance we don't loan him back to Bordeaux? Attacking midfielder...
Ah come on, what do you expect of Messias??? Loan him out directly to Monza or whatever.. This move made Milan ridiculous, a real joke. I would understand a player from a Serie B side, but not at his 31st birthday. Don't be kidding man.
What was Messias doing up until Crotone , non pro or Semi pro.. seems he was born to the football World only 3 years ago.Anyway it is what is , I honestly expect nothing from him.Yeah he did better than expected at Crotone but that was with no expectation and no pressure.
Not a signing youd expect from a historical huge club back in the UCL for the first time in a heck of a long time
(08-31-2021, 12:46 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: OFFICIAL: Yacine Adli's contract has been deposited by AC Milan with Lega Serie A.

Any chance we don't loan him back to Bordeaux? Attacking midfielder...

I hope we don't. He seems ready. No official note on him going back. Only journos. We'll see

2nd most dribbles in Serie A, more dribbles than Neymar. He got 10 goals, 4 assists. Stats say he is good.