Summer mercato 2021
(09-01-2021, 03:43 PM)DrDejan Wrote: Joking aside, very mediocre mercato. However, giving the club’s objective - my assumption: only group stage in CL and 4th place in Serie A - it seems rational.

Very good: Maignan and Tomori
Good: reduced wage bill
Bad: keeping ineffective players
Very bad: keeping Kessie and Roma without contract extension.

I didn’t like our attack last year, I don’t think it would be better this time around. It would be very difficult to score 80, which I believe is needed for CL spot. Breaking into 70s might be enough, if the defense is a bit better. We’ll see.
I don’t put much emphasis on the CL participation. Let’s have fun, since it’s been a while since we had it.

Giroud already improve our attack by so much, I don't see why are you complaining about when we got no true striker after ibra is injured. Diaz is also much better compared to Hakan. The only problem is our right wing can't attack like our left. Saelemackers need shooting and passing lessons.
(09-01-2021, 06:43 PM)hwmook Wrote: I think he made more dribbles and goals in 1 season than Samu did in all his seasons here. If he is not good then I suppose its right to call Samu trash.

Samu was an undisputed starter in Villareal before he signed with us too, and he pooped the bed since he joined. Good stats on bad teams isn't necessarily an indication of future success, particularly at a big club where he won't get the same opportunities to play.
(09-01-2021, 01:05 PM)DrDejan Wrote: Fixed it. You had Krunic at three positions only  Icon_lol2

Damn! You got me there !  Icon_lol2
(09-01-2021, 04:16 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: Hauge has mostly played RW in Eintracht Frankfurt so far, so he can play both even though LW is probably the preferred position.

Yes, but we didn't even try him on the right. Maybe once ? I never understood not trying this but obviously Papa Pioli didn't want to take minutes from Samu. Icon_lol2

I was just trying to point out in the original post the 'logic ' of selling Hauge.
A few reports saying Chelsea will make an offer to Kessie.
No wonder they gave us Tomori and Bakayoko. Cramped midfield at Stamford Bridge though.

Extend Theo and Bennacer by May 31st or sell in next Summer Mercato. Fuck these prostitutes.
(09-02-2021, 01:53 AM)Demonbanana Wrote: A few reports saying Chelsea will make an offer to Kessie.
No wonder they gave us Tomori and Bakayoko. Cramped midfield at Stamford Bridge though.

Extend Theo and Bennacer by May 31st or sell in next Summer Mercato. Fuck these prostitutes.

Just throw Kessie to the stands and see who will offer him 8m next year. He is no longer that important. If we are going to lose him next season then we might as well give game time to Tonali so he can form a better partnership with Bennacer.
(09-01-2021, 05:53 PM)slifersd Wrote: For 2.6m, he is fine for what he is. But we have glaring holes at RW and CAM that needed starter level players to fill, not some lottery ticket depth piece. This is pretty much in line with the Mandzukic signing from last season, signing a backup/depth piece for a role that needed someone much higher quality. He had one good season on a relegation level team, which means he has accomplished even less than someone like Samu or Krunic did before we signed them. And at the tender age of 30 (soon to be 31), he has no upside at all. That means, if he doesn't come in and immediately become a useful contributor, the signing was basically meaningless and useless because he has no upside at all. If we wanted to be financially responsible, this is the kind of signing we need to avoid at all cost. And before everyone start talking about how we should trust our scout network, I do trust them. And I know for a fact that this guy was option Z so that says a lot about his quality compared to the other targets we had. Better managed teams out there would've trusted a youth player over signing something like this.

Yes, this is against the strategy of Elliott and Gadizis: buy promising youngsters, if they develop explosively then that's a big success, or if they are slow we can still sell at a higher / acceptable price.

However, all the big & wealthy clubs know this trick. Real, MU, Chelsea,... and even the "transfer guru" Barcelona do it for years when we failed to reach the top 4 in Serie A. So, almost all the good pieces were gone before we have a chance or cost more than we can afford.

I agree that this guy could be option Z but that was for his age, not his quality. In terms of quality (fact), I can't find anyone better among the ones we linked, except for the unrealistic like Ziyech or B. Silva.

And we must be true with our team construction, we have players who can: catch the ball, defend, pass and put the ball into opponent's net. Yet, we deeply lack ones who can beat his man.

Let's see if Messias can be that person. Even if he fails, it's is still affordable for 2.6M. But I believe in him, he has the strong points of Saelemakers and Castillejo: diligence & humbleness, while physically better. So I bet he can be a bigger success than our current RW.
I think we need to be more optimistic with regards to our squad this season. I know it's only a few games and so judging our players as more developed than last season is early, but in reality it's natural for young players to progress fast especially in the age groups we have.

We'll see explosive growth namely from Diaz, Kessie, Theo, Tomori, Tonalio & Bennacer.

A few decent additions were made. Depth was our major downfall last season otherwise we were smooth sailing in 1st place and undefeated in how many games. I'm rather confident we will thoroughly enjoy this Milan.
I am not sure if there is a thread for this , but a note on our own loan players:

Caldara : 2 full games, 0 clean sheets for Venezia.
Brescianni: 2 full games, 0 goal +0 assists for Monza.
Colombo: 2 games (subbed both times) 1 goal + 0 assists for SPAL.
Olzer: 1 appearance off the bench 0 goals +0 assists for Brescia.
Hauge: 3 games (1 full) , 2 goals + 0 assists for Eintracht.

Overall, it's good to see they're all getting some minutes. Pobega and Adli will obviously get some soon too.
Good to see hauge already doing well
I Heart ACM !!


Artist formally known as OCMILANO
Milan’s owners Elliott Management were not too keen on the idea of making an investment on Junior Messias of Crotone, according to a report.

The well-known journalist Franco Ordine spoke in a column for MilanNews about the Messias deal, which was completed on deadline day via the formula of a loan with option to buy. There was discussion between the management and the ownership about the Brazilian, and Elliott would have preferred a young talent, an investment for the future.

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara meanwhile, as per the report, perhaps trusted too much in their theory that they could bide their time and get rid of salaries and raise funds by offloading players before sealing a great opportunity late in the market – neither of which happened.