Summer mercato 2021
ACM1899 Wrote:You are 100% right. But that said player could give a heads up to management and find another team they could all agree to trade to. 

If I have a 5 year contract and year 4 new coach comes in and I'm unhappy I talk to Maldini  etc. Give them the heads up. 

Anywho goodbye kessie enjoy Paris.  I appreciated his last season but isn't a world-class anything imo

I don't think he's unhappy at Milan, at least I haven't come across anything that suggests he is. But something, someone or his agent has turned his head around with these big money PSG rumours.

For all who wonder why we didn’t renew earlier with Kessie. If this is true, which seems reasonable considering the numbers fed to us were changing, he can just go to hell.

Can we force him to not go on international duty? Sure hate to be down a midefielder in the middle of the season….
(09-04-2021, 09:57 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: I have seen no links or rumours suggesting it as I have with Kessie. It's about what kind of player they are looking for at the time. Even PSG can't buy everyone and give them €8m+.

It's hypothetical because even Kessie to PSG is not confirmed.

We have to realize that Barella and De Vrij (Raiola agent) signed with Inter with much less drama. Not saying we should care about Inter but inversely we are not protecting our assets. Selling or re signing at reasonable rate are the only good options and we are risking 4 players doing neither.
I’m not sure how you can protect Milan in these situations. Kessie and 10+10 not playing well two years ago. Would anyone here want to sign them for big sums? Would they want to re-sign for low sums knowing they likely could play better? Would a player really want to go to a low level EPL club so Milan would benefit?

I’m not sure why we didn’t sell Kessie and Romagnoli this summer. It is very disappointing as it is clear both are leaving again on the free. I just have to believe the offers were too low (or non existent because of COVID) and it was more realistic to keep top four attainable and continue to invest with CL money.
(09-04-2021, 04:11 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: It's not about him deserving it or not. It's about him being told he can get more somewhere else, either by his agent or hints from other clubs or even just by rumours and media.

I think it's already decided that this is his last season at Milan.

Well he can get a big wage elsewhere,  but he sure doesn't deserve it from Milan or any club IMHO.

(09-04-2021, 05:36 PM)ACMmike Wrote: Barella >>>>>> Kessie all day everyday

Yes. Also Brozovic I think got 4.5-5M as well and he is as important as Barella IMO.
What would happen if Milan agree 8-mil euros for Kessie as rumors suggested? Milan need to provide at least 45 mil euros (could rise to more than 50 mil euros with bonuses). There should be only two probabilities. The first one is  he would play like he has been showing to us, which means giving him big contract benefits Milan. Other chance is that he could not perform like the past 1-2 years, he would only sit on bench. It would almost impossible to sell him if that happened. Milan would lose a lot of money to pay his salary and get almost nothing from him, just like we had seen under Galliani.

For both probabilities, what I am pretty worried of is that other players would ask similar like Kessie would have do and it could damage the club since we are only in for the first time in CL under Elliot. I don't think we are already strong enough to give big contracts to our important players (eleven starters).

We could sell him in summer mercato that just closed but we still haven't get any suitable replacement. Tonali is still developing while Bakayoko is still a new player for this team although he had played before but for Gattuso's system not Pioli's one. If management think Tonali is ready to replace Kessie this season, I think Maldini might have sold Kessie (if he already knows that the player won't extend his contract). So, what Maldini co have been doing by trying to extend Kessie's contract is the best a club manager could do.
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
if kessie will renew or not, we will understand the next time he plays with ibrahimovic together. i remember last year, zlatan bashing hakan after few bad passes on the pitch.
i think this year ibra should retire and we should search for a new young forward
? Franck Kessié ?? never claimed €8M per year from AC Milan. Milan's offer is €5M/year, which can go up to €6.5M/year over the years. It will take more from Milan to renew it. The Ivorian has turned down offers of €8M/year from big clubs. #ACMilan

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Another rumor. Another addition to our confusion. Sign the papers if u don't want more
Juventus monitoring the Kessie situation. Swap deal with Tottenham (Ndombele) or PSG (Icardi or Paredes) possible in January.