Week 28: Fiorentina - Milan March 21 18:00
Most of the injured are close to returns, more news closer to the match.

Rebic two match ban for the Napoli game red card.
Wonder what he said.

Anyway, we should have Ibra and Bennacer back, so things are finally looking up (a bit).
He called the referee's mom a whore.

"Your mom, I saw her work as a prostitute in Naples"
aka xudong
ACM2021 Wrote:He called the referee's mom a whore.

"Your mom, I saw her work as a prostitute in Naples"

What if he actually did? Can't be suspended then. Icon_lol2

That's a weak red card! That's soft from the ref. Just take the joke man! Big Grin

And to Arildonardo's point....what if he was telling the truth????? Big Grin

This ref wouldn't able to last 2 hours on the Balkans. Haha
I thought he said something like "fixing the game", "being paid off", etc.
Speaking of... Did Lukaku got some suspension for telling Ibra that he's going to end up shot in head? Wondering what would happen if someone tell that to ref?!
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Yea. As we know, refs are the more protected then players. They are human beings of a higher level....

You can tell another player you'll shoot the in the head, or thst you'll F their wife, or have the entire team holding you back from starting a brawl.....but you tell the ref his mom is a prostitute....2 match ban. Haha

Rebic should know better. This is 2021. You say something like that, you are gonna get a red. And he knew that. Which is why he simply just walked off. What i don't agree with, is a 2 match ban.
Blasphemy or trash-talk about mothers... Then you are in deep shit in Italy.

Even if I can joke about it, it was a totally stupid thing for Rebic to say because he knows the consequences. We're missing enough players these days.

Direct red card is automatically two match suspension. Not sure the club will protest anyway.
It was beyond stupid by Rebic.
AS I said elsewhere, if I was coach, or it was my team and one of my players said that, I'd double the suspension. 2 games from the league. 2 games from me as punishment. Should know better than to do something so stupid. Particularly when we were 1-0 down chasing a result.