Poll: European Super League with 15+5 teams?
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Yes, mo' money mo' money
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European Super League
(06-09-2021, 06:26 PM)nefremo Wrote: In the meantime,

"proceedings against Bar?a, Real Madrid and Juve until further notice! #RMCsport
The suspension of sanctions will only apply to Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus. The 9 clubs that publically left the Super League will still have to give away 5% of their European revenue to UEFA as a punishment".

So let me get this right....if you willingly left the SL and did what UEFA asked, you get to participate in UEFA compwtitions but gotta give away 5% of that revenue. BUT, if you stayed in the SL, you STILL get to participate in UEFA competitions AND keep your 100% revenue from it. Hahahahahaha
Oh well. I must be stupid because I can't make any sense of this! Big Grin

UEFA couldn't ban the clubs; couldn't fine them either. That's why Barca, Real, and Juve would be fine (instead of being fined Big Grin)

The other 9 clubs would have been fine too, but it is a different matter since the 9 clubs "willingly" signed some kind of memorandum of understanding and binding contract with UEFA, and "willingly" agreed to pay a "fine" to UEFA.

Think of a bank robber (isn't that your analogy? Big Grin). You can't rob a bank (yes, UEFA is the crook here), as you would go to jail. But if you somehow coerce/convince the bank into signing something binding and willingly transfer fund to your account, then you will be fine. UEFA played their hands really well from day 1 (I suspect they had more information than they should--PSG??), scaring the 9 clubs into believing they had no other option but to surrender. If they could hang in tight together, UEFA would have lost their plot, and the two sides would now be sitting down together to decide what's the best for the future of European soccer how it is more "fair" to divide the spoils.

As I said before, this was never any noble cause: the clubs were greedy bastards; UEFA was just pure evil motherfvcker. I was hopeful that this could lead to something good, both for our club and for the general good of this sport (though it wasn't an intended goal for either side, but had the war lasted, they would need to do something to make themselves "look good" in the public's eye.) 

The game was lost though for the clubs already when PSG (the puppet dog of UEFA) refused to join (and I even suspect that as "scab", they may even have worked with UEFA on this matter), when Bayern hesitated (they wanted to maximize their benefit but it wasn't clear which side would prevail), and certainly when the 6 PL clubs ran away at the first sight of smoke (they wanted more money, but didn't want/need to take any risk for it).

Oh well, those disgusting fans of Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus have had some good time being anxious and worried about the fate of their filthy team, and I think that's worth a few million euros. Icon_lol2
aka xudong
They -3 clubs- haven’t got any punishment or whatsoever so far. So basically nothing ever gonna happen. At least it seems like it.