Week 1 Sampdoria - Milan August 23 2021 20:45
Samu warming up. Letsss goooooooo
Just got off work. Watching now. Other than the scoreline, anything particularly worth mentioning?
aka xudong
(08-23-2021, 08:27 PM)ACM2021 Wrote: Just got off work. Watching now. Other than the scoreline, anything particularly worth mentioning?

We found a Neuer in Maignan.
Maignan and Tomori are super impressive. Tomori is channeling his inner maldini with some tackles. Playing a lot more open. Theo is sitting back and we are using Calabria a lot more. Giroud showing his worth as is Maignan. Diaz is playing pretty well too. All in all, the new signings are doing well.
(08-23-2021, 08:34 PM)Aficio Wrote: We found a Neuer in Maignan.

Really. He looks impressive. Leao looking good too. 

Krunic should have passed to Giroud. It should be 0-2. Tomori looking as sharp as ever

Overall team looks good
Very good team performance. This Samp side player by player is really talented, so im really happy so far.

Maignan is just great. Tomori could be world class. He has it all. Also nice play from Leao and Diaz.

Im a little afraid of our left side. Leao and Theo are not great defensively and Samp has created a lot from that side.

Lets take his!
Not bad, not great so far.

Diaz with great movement but he needs to pass the ball faster when counter-attacking.
Tomori and Calabria also solid.
Krunic should have scored from there. He didn't even shoot on target.
Samp play high up the pitch when Maignan starts our attack and we can't build up play from behind. Too many long balls. A bit annoying since that's why you play with a double pivot, right? To overload your def-midfield so you have more options when building up the attack. We can't have Diaz coming back to receive the first ball. Still, when we are on the counter we look dangerous, but we need to be more focused.
Thanks, guys. That's good to hear. In fact, for the 15 minutes or so I watched, I also felt that Maignon was comfortable and confident with his feet. Donnarumma was a great shot-stopper, but every time the ball was at his feet, I felt nervous. I don't have that feeling watching Mike! Big Grin

I also saw the highlights. It does seem that (as the commentator said) we should have scored some other goals but were a bit lucky with the one that we did.
aka xudong
Holy hell, Tonali and Theo poor play
Maignan is a beast.