Week 3 Milan - Lazio September 12 2021 18:00
Ibrahimovic must really enjoy this day. Goal, and some random provocation to show off his big ego. Big Grin
aka xudong
Tomori is MoTM for me; Tonali is a close second. Everyone played well including the substitutes, except for Bakayoko. A Juve-referee would have easily sent him off and he made almost no contribution. He was there only to give Kessie and his entourage more bargaining chips.

2:0 is a solid result, and a resounding statement to the rest of Italy. I can't wait for the next two games.
aka xudong
Solid performance..I liked the way we played.. Tonali was everywhere today and I am very happy to see him playing so well..the negative matter: penalties…Kessie missed again and at days we are not so superior as today we may pay for it..
I gotta say this......Milan is the only team in Serie A (currently..maybe things will change as the season goes on) that plays at a European tempo and intensity. Lazio simply couldn't hang with our players. At times, it seemed like we had 2 more then them on the field. There was no nonsense from our players. Apart from the first 15 minutes or so in the 2nd half where we slowed down for a bit.....we played at 100mph the entire game. On the contrary, Lazio looked slow, sluggish, confused even as to how to deal with the press and the verticality, the intensity, from Milan.

I see 1 more team in this league that can do what we do, and that's Atalanta. At least, they were the ones that have played with such intensity the last 2-3 years. Who knows if they'll be able to turn it back on this year. But we for sure have.
Of course, there is Inter, Napoli, even Juventus and Roma. You can win by playing many different ways. Inter and Juventus have proven that the last 10 years. But I prefer to win in this way! Great game!
We have played a match at Champions League level. Can't wait!!!
What an amazing team performance! Where should i start? Absolutely fantastic performances from Tomori, Calabria and Tonali. Great game by Theo, Leao, Romagnoli and Rebic. Good game by Maignan, Diaz, and Kessie. Average from Florenzi. As i said, this team reminds me of Atletico, but with actually more offensive firepower. We should have won thos by 4-0 if Kessie burrowed that penalty and Zlatan scored on his mega chance. Im so proud!

My rating 1-10:

- Maignan: 6,5. So little to do, but does everything with great confidence.
- Calabria: 7,5. Just stunning defensively. No one can pass him. Safe with the vall, always available. Italys best right back. No doubt.
- Tomori: 8. What an immens performance! In my opinion he is world class. He has it all. He has that that arrogance of the true legends and best centebacks in the world. Love him.
- Romagnoli: 7. Really solid overall. Im impressed by his focus.
- Hernandez: 7. Really good both ways. Like a bulldozer going forward. One dangerous miss against Pedro. But overall a really good performance.
- Tonali: 8. What has this man eaten? He is a world beater this days! Fantastic work rate, great passing, great teqnique, a truly amazing performance. Proud of you Sandro!
- Kessie: 7. Very solid, especially in the first half. Couldnt let Savic breath for one second. Unlucky with that penalty miss.
- Florenzi: 6. Great work rate, but not much to offer offensively. I little like Alexis. But a team player which is important.
- Diaz: 6,5. No end product today, but he works so hard, and runs through every line to get a pass. Gives confusion to the opponnents. Love that little guy.
- Leao: 7. Great 1 half and what a fantastic goal! He has matured a lot and i think we will see the true Leao this year.
- Rebic: 7. To assist, and works his socks off. Very nice to see Rebic gets going as early as this. In the past he never starts before january! Smile

Its no doubt we are scudetto contenders with this performance. This was a Sarri team which have started great offensively, but we completetely locks them down. How cool is that?

Fooorza Milan!
Tomori needs to improve his 1v1 in the box. Immobile got a shot past him. Raspadori undressed him x2 last year. However, he is immense in this season. He is the best signing of the past few. I actually think he does better with Romagnoli than Kjaer. There, I said it.

I think Tonali is legitimately better than Benna. He has more pace and is able to exploit space better. Bennacer still looks off. Not sure why as he hasn’t had an injury in A while.

Man if Hakan was on this side, we would have wasted those two counters leading to a goal. I can’t tell you how many times the free kick specialist cannoned the ball into the stands.

This was a categorical win. Lazio lost in all aspects of this match including psychological (Sarri getting banned at the end).
Freaking racists: https://thelaziali.com/2021/09/12/lazio-...-bakayoko/

If true they had better not get a slap in the wrist like last time. Garbage fans, garbage team.
(09-12-2021, 08:01 PM)honsano Wrote: Freaking racists: https://thelaziali.com/2021/09/12/lazio-...-bakayoko/

If true they had better not get a slap in the wrist like last time. Garbage fans, garbage team.

There is only 1 way to stop this. Make those fans police themselves. They have to give up those chanting and those then need to be banned for life. If nobody comes forward to say who is responsible, then ban the entire fan base for 5 games. This will hurt their team financially. So now the management also has to get involved.

I know it's not easy to single out. You don't wanna punish an entire fan base for the stupidity of some. But it's the only way. Go back to your caves!!! Don't come to a stadium!
Guys, it was amazing!
I don't know how it looked on TV, but in the stadium :
- fans are great and hot! Much hotter than the two last times I came in San Siro...
- Tonali. No words, it was seriously a masterclass.
- Kessie never got whistled and it was good, he had a good game
- Tomori looks like a guy who is just smarter and faster than anyone else on the pitch... Amazing
- Our defence and more impressively our team was great not to concede even one single dangerous situation to the fucking Laziale
- Zlatan is our king, what an ovation for him when coming on the pitch and then when scoring
- Leao didn't seem lazy at all

What a great day, great atmosphere, I want to come back for Milan-Liverpool, but I wonder if I will manage to wait so much time!
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !