Winter mercato 2022
(10-13-2021, 10:37 PM)Zio Fester Wrote: Wasn't Antonio Donnarumma available?

Would have fitted like a glove given he spent 4 years at the club...

He's currently playing in some serie C club. Third tier football. That's his real level.
per l'amaro e il dolce
From Wikipedia about Mirantes strength and weaknesses:

"Regarded as one of the most promising Italian goalkeepers of his generation in his youth, Mirante is an experienced shot-stopper, who is known for his athleticism, reflexes, positioning, and goalkeeping technique, as well as his ability to save penalties; with 11 stops, he has saved the 13th–highest number of penalties in Serie A history. A tall goalkeeper, with a large frame and a slender build, he also stands out for his aerial game and ability on high balls, while he is less effective at rushing off his line and getting to ground quickly to clear the ball away or deal with low balls and shots; as such, he is not particularly suited to playing as a sweeper-keeper. Due to his calm composure in goal and reserved character, his leadership and ability to organise his defence has also come into question at times in the media. In addition to his goalkeeping ability, he is also comfortable with the ball at his feet".
The article says that he is not very good at sweeping our organizing defences. Thats a real blow. Maignan is fantastic at these tings.
Mirante is mediocre. Always was, and it's no different now. He reminded me of someone like Taibi or Perin. Able to make some crazy stops on his day...but weak off the line on crosses, weak distribution, etc.
But he's not coming to start. Tata will do that. So as a back up, he's fine. Problem is, Mike is just clearly several levels above both Mirante and Tata. So, any way you look at it, this is a huge loss for us. Mike looked unbeatable here so far. And his distribution was better then any other GK we've ever had really.

So...hoping we can get through these next couple months without too much damage.
Mirante was a very good shot stopper, good reflexes and great at saving penalties. Distribution etc., not so good.
He's 38 and out of contract. Best to go in with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised if he performs OK.
I would of preferred to give Jungdal some exposure (and Plizzari if he was fit). Both are highly regarded youngsters and play for there NT youth side's.
Red Bull Salzburg striker Roko Simic dreams of one day being able to play for AC Milan and is followed by the club. Roko's father , Dario Simic, is a former AC Milan player.

According to the latest from Sportitalia journalist Rudy Galetti, Milan are ‘closely monitoring’  Isaac Lihadji as they look for potential reinforcements for the right wing.

AC Milan have a concrete interest in signing Club Brugge forward Noa Lang and are expected to present an offer, according to a Longo
We are also linked to Georginio Wijnaldum who is already unhappy at P$G.
(10-15-2021, 12:51 AM)Demonbanana Wrote: We are also linked to Georginio Wijnaldum who is already unhappy at P$G.

He should take a lesson from Donnarumma, learn to be happy collecting a big check and sit on his ass 80% of the games lol