Week 5 Milan - Venezia September 22 2021 20:45
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Our next game is the early match on Saturday.
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We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
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(09-23-2021, 09:42 AM)Beppe Wrote: For me it never felt we would not gonna win this one! I saw many positives, especially our sub players, Theo and Alexis were great. Also Diaz on the scoresheet again, his stats are pretty good, the kid is growing and has a very high ceiling. I hope Madrid don't want to take him back after his loan spell.
Only Florenzi looked off,  but for me he isn't a right winger, he should be a Calabria backup only. Though I really liked the performances of Kalulu in recent games, so I guess Florenzi for now is only 3th choice right fullback.
Also gabbia as reliable as always. I hope he'll get minutes against spezia also. He never disappoints!

Too bad Ibra and Giroud were out again, we need a striker like them against these park the buss teams, like Juventus and Venezia. Pellegri looked lively and was in a very good position a few times, but Saelemaekers didn't pass him the ball, dunno what that was about. Especially the last one were Alexis got fouled in the end, Pellegri would've got a clear run at the goal if he received the ball. Hope to see some more of Pellegri against Spezia.

We look much better than last season, the team is really improving. Bennacer was also great and I hope he gets the nod over Kessie from now him;
Tonali obviously as the other starter, what a season he is having.  For such a young player to play so well with that much character, he'll become world class , no doubt.  Love this guy!

I consider us serious Scudetto challengers! The only thing that can fck it up is all those injuries, it was bad last year and it doesn't look better this year.

I think we are in much better position compared to last season one. Last season we did miss Bennacer, Tonali struggled to find his form and we did not have decent backups to replace Bennacer (or Kessie). We had only Krunic and that guy from Torino?. This season we have a much better Tonali and we also have experienced player who should be better than our backup last season, Bakayoko. We lost many points while Bennacer was injured and no quality replacement was availabe. This season should be better.

The problem might only be in offensive midfielders however we got Giroud and Pellegri which makes Rebic and Leao able for left wings. Our CAM is still very weak I think since we have no backup. I am not sure what Messias position and especially his quality. Right wings is not better dan CAM position.
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