Milan- Atletico 28-09 20:00 cet
I don't like the result, but it is good for the development of our young guns!!!
And let's not blame Pioli to send Kessie on the pitch, because Tonali wasn't 100% fit.
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
(09-28-2021, 10:02 PM)ACMmike Wrote: Lol ur gonna blame Pioli for this one?

It was his damn fault from the very beginning for starting Kessie.. in that 1st half.. Tonali had a bigger impact and influence in that last 10-15mins in a 10 vs 11 situation compared to that piece of shit who had about 30mins.. and the signs were so damn bloody obvious from the past few games how utter shit Kessie is and yet he starts...?
I don't think that it is overall for us. We have proven that we can do it, just very unlucky.

Kessie should just fuck off with that kind of performance and attitude. The referee is an absolute cunt.

The only thing that I feel that Pioli could have done differently is Leao sub. When Leao was off, it was an open invitation to Atletico to attack. Leao is the only weapon we had under that situation to keep Atletico at bay.

On the first goal conceded, it was a shame and perhaps could have been avoided. Florenzi was too short and couldn't stop that header; then Romagnoli was either slow or lazy or both in the final step.

It is fuming to watch today's game. We should have won at least 2 or 3 goals, yet we couldn't either get a point.

I still think that we can win all the remaining games. The season isn't over. It is just tough.
aka xudong
(09-28-2021, 10:04 PM)GeoTav Wrote: And let's not blame Pioli to send Kessie on the pitch, because Tonali wasn't 100% fit.

Fuck that bro.. the way KesShit has been playing.. i would rather put a god damn training cone on the field..
(09-28-2021, 10:03 PM)Zio Fester Wrote: Only hope is to win twice v Porto, draw in Madrid and beat Liverpool at home

Unlikely esp with Pioli in charge and Kessie playing

We will have to beat Porto twice to stand a chance. I think we are capable of beating Atletico even in Madrid. 

Let's handle one game at a time. I am very proud of this team, win or lose.
aka xudong
No this is not on Pioli. Kessie brain fart but the ref even bigger. Guys look at their penalty, all their uncarded fouls. The ref was clearly going to give this game to them. Pioli mange’s this game as best as he could. Honestly, if the ref was square we would have dominated.

I expect a win inMadrid against this team. With Liverpool likely clear through after their next game against this crappy side, they are going to rest their players.
It is nice to feel angry, brothers!

The last time we met Atletico, we didn't even have the right to be angry!
I don't blame pioli.

Kessie needs to step up even if it's 45 min worth. We had this game until the kessie ejection. Playing 10 men that long is difficult.

Roma has been decent this season but that was 1000000% his brainfart of defending. Amd the penalty was not one. Am player touched first .

I still believe in cl. Barely but believe.

We all have to admit our team is actually very competitive in all fronts just need to not make mental mistakes
WTF is wrong with you guys!! You should be fuckin proud of our boys!!! The referee single handed giftet Atletico this victory. The team fight like gladiators all the way. Dont start to bash the players. Yes Giroud was garbage, Kessie was an dumb ass to take those tackles, but focus on the spirit! Im so extremely proud to love this team. Look at Tomori, world class performance yet again. How many meters dit Alexis lie down? Diaz was a wizard, Leao with a great match.

Yes this hurts like hell, but use your energy to support this team! Who on paper are Alexis Saelemaekers, Fikayo Tomori, Brahim Diaz, and Davide Calabria when you meet Felix, Griezmann, Suarez, Lemar, Correa. Yes they put pressure on us in the second half, but what a brave half! This team can reach sky high with its mentality and spirit.

PS: Bennacer was just immense! It all become a lot harder when he got off. What a player he is when he delievers his topp class!

Lets hope Liverpool beat the guts out of this wankers, and we win both legs against Porto. Then we can have a good chance.

Foorza Milan!