Atalanta vs Ac Milan- 3/10/21- 20:45 cet
(10-04-2021, 11:07 AM)Bennacer Wrote: My rating 1-10:

- Maignan. 7. Was decisive when Atalanta pilled up the pressure after our first goal. Took it all. Great distribution as always. No fault for the goals. He is so stabil!

- Calabria: 7. Wonderful run for the first goal, Decent both ways. Solid display.

- Kjær: 6,5. Was bullied by Zapata in the 1 half, but played a great 2 half. Was everywhere the ball was. The dane and Tomori is a world class partnership.

- Tomori: 6,5. Solid and had the tackle of the century on Pessina, but was beaten by Zapata on the header in first half, and also had a slight mistake on the second goal. Otherwise solid as always.

- Theo: 7,5. To great assists and was really good defensively also. Pioli played him almost as a third midfielder today, and no doubt that this confused Atalanta. Great play by Pioli.

- Tonali: 7,5. He is just a gem! Clinical on the goal, and had a fantastic tackle to prevent 1-1. Also solid in the passing. He has grown in to a monster this season. Can you imagine that Maldini got so much discount on him. Tremendous!

- Kessie: 7. This was almost the Kessie from last season. Worked really hard and won a lot of balls, also good passing. Really solid.

- Saelemaekers: 5,5. Not a good game. Lost the ball to much and missed an golden chance after Rebic perfect cross. He is tired, he deserves som rest now.

- Diaz: 6. Worked between the lines as always and moves a lot to give the attack the fluidity it needs. But was not much involved. OK match overall.

- Leao: 7. Took on defenders for fun, and 90% of the time he wins the battle. He just have tons of talent. Fantastic counter on the third goal and a great finish. Leao have something important going on.

- Rebic: 6. So good at running in the channels and is just fantastic as a first defender. To be honest, i hope that Rebic will continue in this role and have Zlatan or Giroud as subs when we are suffering against walls of defenders. He gives the team som much fluidity with hos movement and work ethic.

- Bennacer: 7. Some really good involvments.
- Toure: Not much involved.
- Messias: Very unlucky handball, and maybe a fault on the second goal, but i liked him. Nice dribbles and works hard. Exiting to see more of him.

PS: We must have the leagues best counter team. We are just fantastic on transitions. The last goal sums this up. Its a big big weapon against teams like Atalanta which expose themselves a lot.

Forza Milan!

True, we will always do very well against attacking teams. My concern is when we face a team like Juventus - you could notice with them sitting deep defending that we struggled to make the chances that we normally do. We adjusted, but not to the same effectiveness.
ACMike: Agree with you with your points when we meet very deep teams who sit back, but then Zlatan and Giroud come in handy. They will bully the defenders which opens up room for our attacking midfielders. We saw it against Venezia. They had a extremely deep line, and im sure that with Zlatan on top in a game like that, we would have taken the lead a lot sooner. Its all about adjustments and i think Pioli has taken another step in the right direction this yearSmile
Yep, agree. Against those teams that want to sit really deep we have Zlatan and Giroud. If only we have better crossers, unfortunately. But, playing with Bennacer - Tonali would rectify that situation somewhat, rather than Bennacer/Tonali - Kessie.