Week 9 Bologna - Milan October 23 2021 20:45
Getting 3 points consistently with all these injuries is good. But some of the players on the field really lacked quality. Krunic is an average player that should play in a midtable club. No, he didn't do anything painfully terrible, bit he also didn't do anything useful of note either. And that's just the problem. You have a player that doesn't offer anything. You are handicapped already. Same with Castillejo. That's 2 players out of the starting 10 which is huge.

Also, never thought I'd say this, but at the moment Rebic is more important then Ibra. Leao-Diaz-Saele-Rebic is so dynamic, high octane, pressing, running, vertical group. You replace Diaz with Krunic and Rebic with Ibra.....and you have the opposite. It becomes a passive, slow moving group that won't press either. On top of that, like I said, Castillejo was also put there.

So I'm not surprised we didn't look great. Not at all.

Also, Theo is a big miss. Toure is actually a good back up for Theo. Offers some good things and keeps getting better with each game. I don't have too many complaints there. Jist pointing out that Theo' driving runs and the way he imposes himself in the final 3rd is 2nd to none and it's missed.

But I don't wanna be too critical. We seemed to be cruising at 2-0 without a worry in sight. A stupid corner kick and a counter turned the game around. But Bologna is not a bad team. They are a top half of the table team. So to be able to play without so many key figures, get up 2-0 (man up or not), cruise, fuck up, and still get away with a win away...is not bad day's work.

On we go vs Torino. Another grinding win would be great and then hopefully we can recover some players before Roma/Porto/Inter.
I'm happy with the 3 points and be on top again!
Bologna are never easy under Miha- they've beaten Lazio- and even though they're a man down sometimes with who we field it's like a man down anyway.

I would of liked too see Bennacer at AM with Kessie and Tonali in DM at some point. Kessie wasn't available for this game but it's better than Krunic or Maldini.

Ballo-Toure looks solid. New league, new language , new style so I am not too worried. He already seems better than RR and Laxalt.

Ibrahimovic, 40 years-old 2 (?) goals and an assist. It was interesting to see he and OG fieled together for a little bit.
Leao finally looking more like a star!
Leao is playing good but his laziness inevitably creeps in certain points.
For as frustrated as we want to be without our starters, still remember our opponents. Nearly full strength Atalanta draws against Udinese.
Agreed Honsano. You can also look at Roma. They used 8 subs from start against Bodø Glimt, and i the second half they had 6 starters. They lost the second half 4-0....

So maybe we are not so bad? Smile
The only thing that taints this victory is the fact that we were up by 2 players for a long period. It SHOULD have been easier. But, every game brings its own complexities, and we managed to maneuver through them this time.

We need to get a full squad back. It'll give us a push mentally and physically. It's good to keep seeing the gap between us and 5th place grow too. Securing CL football should come first and foremost...then Scudetto.

Forza Milan!
Considering all the players unavailable and also the fact that Theo, Magnain and Diaz seem to be be indispensable, I get the three points. Of course we do not deliver good performances but getting three points from such games is the most important thing. Forza Milan!
Bennacer Wrote:Agreed Honsano. You can also look at Roma. They used 8 subs from start against Bodø Glimt, and i the second half they had 6 starters. They lost the second half 4-0....

So maybe we are not so bad? Smile

Other teams failures doesn't make us any better.
(10-24-2021, 05:16 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: Other teams failures doesn't make us any better.

True but we need to be more realistic about our expectations of this team. We aren’t Bayern or Man U who can pull a superstar off the bench. Without depth due to injuries we have to expect close matches, disjointed play style, etc. If our starting 11 or even 10 we’re out there and we played like that, it would be cause for alarm. With the current situation, we should view it as a celebration. One step closer to a possible Scudetto.
I love 10+10 celebrating inters goal like he meant for his shot to be blocked by Locatelli chest to be on target. Almost another for the blooper reel