Even though he was with us a pretty short time.

He is retiring from football on Monday, easily one of the best ever.

One example

You're fast, Reza. I've just had the intention Big Grin

He helped us win the CL2007 as a cup-tied player. All the best, Ronnie!!!
One of my all time favourite players. He played with us at a time when he'd well passed his peak and physically was not fit, but his impact in the season he joined won't be forgotten.

At his peak in the late 90's he was unbelievable, a player that seemed to have everything you could want in a striker. Even during his time at Inter, I used to watch their games just to see him play, hoping to see him score (although wanting them to lose). A legend, even if one whose injuries and lack of discipline hampered his career.
If ankle is San Marco's achilles heel then knee is Ronaldo's. But despite the awful injuries, both managed to play at the highest level for years, and in their prime, were totally unplayable.

One of the very few non Milan players whose pictures were hung on my bedroom wall, Ronnie has almost everything that a striker needs: pace, dribble, and finishing with both feet. I still remember the wonderful goal he scored in Barca shirt when despite being pulled by the opponent, he managed to dribble past them all the way from the middle of the field. I also recall how he cried when Inter lost the scudetto on the last day. He was clearly fouled on that game but the referee didn't award penalty.

Those two years were his highest point IMO, everything that came since was downhill even if his scoring ratio with Madrid and later on Milan was far from bad.
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Good luck Ronaldo! Not his biggest fan, but I remember how much I liked him back in 1998 Blush I wish he had spent longer time at AC Milan ... If R9 had the physical fintess of some one Lampard, man his record would have been even more scarier Devilcool

Anyway, i don't know how much time it will take to see some one even close to him in near future. People here are so optimistic about Pato becoming some thing similar. All I want to say to them is "Just wake up man"
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Interesting press conference he gave yetserday, he said that he has a medical condition which makes him put weight on easily but he can't get it off without taking a certain drug which is banned in football, he said he pleaded with the Milan Lab for them to give him it but they told him they wouldnt bring the clubs name into disrepute with a doping scandle and stood firm.
Quote:Paolo Maldini
"Il Sogno di ogni attaccante e' segnare il piu' bella gol della storia. L'incubo e' incontrare il miglior difensore del mondo."

Quote:Francesco Totti
"Never give up Pippo,You are an example for all of us to never give up."
yes that is true. That was investigated about 3 years ago or something; not sure. I couldn't believe it when I heard it at first, but it does explain a lot.
It's sad to see this player go.
I think that his injuries were the consequence of the hard training he had when he was little. At a very young age he just trained full out. Now, with youth programs that would never happen. Though his thyroid defect would still have made him "el grobo", he would have been less injured. That's my two cents.
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