Week 37: Milan - Atalanta May 15 2022 18:00
Man Calabria looks like he doesn't belong. The defensive unit as a whole is of the highest level....and than there is Calabria.
Ooh that should be a pk. He trips Giroud.
PK if it was Dzeko!
Tonali I love you. What a work horse
Kessie plays like himself last year!
Would be FK but yeah it was a foul
Florenzi on please!
Everyone was bad but Calabria was by far the worst!
That really should at least have been a foul for Giroud. He yelled fuck uou at Orsato but he refs CL, so he knows what that means.

Giroud was super disappointing. So many kisses flicks. Calabria too with many ooor passes. This type of game is meat and made for players like Kessie. Saele too indecisive and can’t make the pass. Calabria poor with the ball at his feet.

We played overall poorly. With that said, Atalanta offered nothing. Hopefully with some subs (Florenzi and Rebic) there will be massive improvement.
We definitely need some changes. Giroud has been a stump, Saelemakers should come off and I'm not really sure why Florenzi isn't starting over Calabria considering Calabria has been shit 2-3 games in a row now and Florenzi came on last game really well.

Krunic should also be out - I'm not a fan of the lineup today.
Rebic for Saelemaekers
Florenzi for Calabria to start second half.

We need a goal asap though.