Would a side with wingers have overrun Argentina in 1986 World Cup?
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(04-24-2012, 12:17 AM)reza Wrote: I am surprised neither you or zeekay knew that. I should post a poll:

"Who knows where Reza was born?"

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All I remember is that Dev (ACMILAN1983) has Indian origin (I hope that I got this one right Big Grin). I don't know where zeekay is from either (Somehow I wanted to say that he has something to do with Pakistan?) Big Grin

Now, is Reza a typical name for Iranians? I am very bad with names. I could tell if someone is Chinese, but that's all. Big Grin
Well, my forefathers came from Afghanistan and some places near Russia some 300-400 years ago if they that counts for anything Big Grin
Argentina will win the World Cup 2022
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I don't even know where my Homo Sapiens ancestors were Big Grin
(04-24-2012, 02:44 AM)xudong Wrote: Now, is Reza a typical name for Iranians? I am very bad with names. I could tell if someone is Chinese, but that's all. Big Grin

Yes, it's a pretty common name.
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(04-24-2012, 02:44 AM)xudong Wrote: Now, is Reza a typical name for Iranians? I am very bad with names. I could tell if someone is Chinese, but that's all. Big Grin

Yes, it's a pretty common name.

I guess it is. Big Grin There is a wikipedia entry on your name. Okmilan

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Reza ([ɾeˈzɒː], also spelled Raza, Reda, Redha, Rida, Ridha [rɪˈdˤɑ], Rizah, Rıza [ɾɯˈzɑ], Ridho, Ridlo or Roda; Arabic: رضا‎, Riḍā) is a male given name used commonly in the Muslim world, it comes from Arabic and it means contentment. It also appears as a surname.


Rida (Reza) is an Islamic concept rooted in the Qur'an and the practices. This idea of contentment is expressed in two Qur'anic verses which discuss the contentment of Allah with believers and, conversely, of believers with Allah:
Allah was well pleased with the believers... ([Quran 48:18])
Muslims believe that Allah's pleasure with the servant is expressed through his gifts both material and spiritual and the servant's pleasure with Allah is the name of his obedience to Allah's commands and submission to his will. Rida on the part of the human also includes his determination to accept Allah's decree irrespective of whether it is favourable or unfavourable.[citation needed]

Because the Arabic dh sound (comparable to the English th) does not exist in the Persian language, Persian-speakers replace the sound with a z. This pronunciation was also adopted by other languages influenced by Persian, most of all Turkish and Hindustani. In the Maghreb region, the name is spelled Reda, due to the French influence during the colonial times.

Given name
Reza Alirezaei, Iranian author
Reza Abbasi (1565–1635), a Persian painter and calligrapher
Reza Abdoh, Iranian-born American director
Reza Abedini, Iranian designer
Rida Al Abdullah, Iraqi singer
Reda Acimi, Algerian footballer
Reza Ahadi, Iranian footballer
Reza Afshari, Iranian historian
Reza Alamouti, Iranian political activist
Reza Alinejad, Iranian juvenile offender
Reza Allamehzadeh, Persian-born Dutch film-maker
Reza Amirkhani, Persian novelist
Reda El Amrani, Moroccan tennis player
Reza Davari Ardakani, Iranian philosopher
Reza Aslan, Iranian-American scholar, author, and journalist
Reza Badiyi, American film director
Reza Baraheni, Iranian novelist
Rıza Tevfik Bölükbaşı, Turkish scientist
Rıza Çalımbay, Turkish footballer
Reza Chahkhandagh, Iranian judoka
Reza Deghati, professionally known as Reza, an Iranian-born photojournalist
Reza Dehghani, Iranian fashion designer
Rida Lah Douliazale, Moroccan footballer
Reza Khelili Dylami, Swedish politician
Reza Enayati, Iranian footballer
Reza Fayazi, Iranian film director
Reza Ghadiri, Iranian-American chemist
Reza Ghoochannejhad, Iranian-Dutch footballer
Reza Ghotbi, Iranian politician
Reza Hassanzadeh, Iranian footballer
Reza Qolikhan Hedayat, Persian writer
Reza Hosseini, Iranian humanitarian
Reza Iravani, Iranian academic
Reza Jabbari, Iranian footballer
Reza Shafiei Jam, Iranian actor
Reza Khaleghifar, Iranian footballer
Reza Khan, Afghan Islamist
Reza Kianian, Iranian actor
Reza Shah-Kazemi, British author
Reza Malekzadeh, Iranian physician
Reza Mansouri, Iranian physicist
Rizah Mešković, Bosnian footballer
Reza Moridi, Canadian politician
Redha al-Najar, Tunisian prisoner
Reza Naji, Iranian actor
Reza Niknazar, Iranian footballer
Reza Feiz Noroozi, Iranian actor
Rıza Nur, Turkish politician
Reza Ostadi, Iranian politician
Reza Pahlavi, last crown prince of the former Imperial State of Iran
Ridho Rhoma, Indonesian singer
Reza Parsa, Swedish film director
Rida al-Rikabi, Syrian politician
Reza Olfati-Saber, Iranian roboticist
Reza Sadeghi, Iranian pop singer
Reza Sahebi, Iranian footballer
Rida Said, Syrian physician
Reza Samani, Iranian musician
Reza Soukhteh Saraei, Iranian wrestler
Rıza Şen, Turkish footballer
Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shah of Iran
Reza Shahroudi, Iranian footballer
Reza Talabeh, Iranian footballer
Reza Torabian, Iranian footballer
Reza Taslimi, Iranian intelligence officer
Redha Tukar, Saudi Arabian footballer
Reza Vatankhah, Iranian footballer
Reza Vohdani, Iranian musician
Reda El-Weshi, Egyptian footballer
Reza Yazdani, Iranian wrestler
Reza Zanjani, Iranian politician
Reza Zarei, Iranian military commander
Wikipedia rocks! Big Grin
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