Week 17: Milan - Roma January 8 2023 20:45
The usual long injury list
Maignan, Florenzi, Ibrahimovic, Origi, Ballo-Toure and then Rebic, Kjaer, Krunic, Messias

Forza Milan Smilie_schal6
Forza Milan!!!

Milan & Roma are the teams with the most balance in occupying the pitch: Left / Center / Right are 35/29/36% for Milan and 34/30/36% for Roma.
Milan scored 22 goals from open play with just 11 from Roma, but they scored more from Set piece: 5 to 1.
80 000 spectators, a fresh fully motivated Milan should beat this Roma side with ease. Pellegrini and Zaniolo is the only players who maybe could have played in our starting eleven.

Prediction: 3-1.
Milan Primavera drew against Napoli with 2 goals from Gala's header (Bakoune crossed) and El Hiali's strong shoot. El almost had a goal against Liverpool, and his decision-making is very good.

It is nice if El Hiali or Chakra Traore could have some minutes when there is no direct understudy for Leao.
Important game. Could define the season.

I can recall some interesting historical pattern, but I don't want to jinx it, so I won't say it. Big Grin Grinundwech
aka xudong
Roma has looked like crap but have somehow managed to collect 30 points which is a considerable amount for them. Anyway, this should be a win. Playing at home in front of a packed San Siro as it was said. A win is a must. Also to keep pace with Napoli and even put some pressure on them. It's gotta mess with their heads if after an undefeated 2022 and all this high praise about how good they've been....they are only ahead by 3-5 points.
Hope to see more of Vranckx! Really impressed by him. Was he also the one who assisted that chance from Dest?
Vranckx impresses me too !
(01-06-2023, 09:33 PM)Beppe Wrote: Hope to see more of Vranckx! Really impressed by him. Was he also the one who assisted that chance from Dest?

Sergino Dest volleys a shot on target, but Guillermo Ochoa is on hand to save it

The cross by Theo Hernandez from AC Milan successfully finds a teammate in the box.

I also think Vranckx, but Livescore said Theo. Also impressive for Theo to able to use his right foot so good.

If the players perform as expected, CDK will be SC, Vranckx CAM.
if we beat Roma we are all in for the Scudetto again. If we lose then, concentrate on the CL