Poll: Sign Permanently?
Sulley Muntari
Alberto Aquilani
Maxi Lopez
Stephen El Shaarawy
Alexander Merkel
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Summer 2012: Sign on Permanent Basis
....and this poll is for the players we have under loan / agreement co-ownership with possibility to sign on permanent basis

i can think of:


Strasser & Paloschi I believe are still fully owned by Milan

So vote for the player you want to stay at Milan on a permanent basis.
I don't know about Strasser, but I want to say that Paloschi is co-owned.

On the topic, Allegri likes Muntari, so he should stay; Aquilani hasn't convinced me, even though 6 million is actually a very reasonable price (shame on our management); I don't believe that Galliani will pay 8.5 million for Lopez, simple as that; as for SES and Merkel, both are young and promising, so I would keep them at reasonable costs.

aka xudong
Keep Aquilani, Merkel and El Shaarawy. I still believe in Aquilani, he has done very good before his injury and didnt got a decent chance after. He is one of our few creative midfielders and for 6m he is a steal.
Merkel and El Shaarawy are both very talented youngsters, they should get some more game time. IMO its time to rebuild, rebuild with youngsters not with oldies. these youngsters will only get better.
Keep all, this list in the poll is a good list of players to have and the younger ones to build on.
muntari, ses and merkel
they deserve to be with milan
Muntari, Aqua, SES and Merkel. Maxi Lopez doesn't really convince me, though he's a decent backup. Then again, at that price, no way.
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Why Aqua? If Milan can sign Monty, Honda and Hernanes.
Muntari has contributed quite significantly in our depleted squad and I think he could be useful too next season, so keep him ! While Merkel & SES would be basis of our regeneration. Release the rest,
(05-08-2012, 08:26 PM)Gabriel426 Wrote: Why Aqua? If Milan can sign Monty, Honda and Hernanes.

Now you are just dreaming. Sagrin
aka xudong