Week 19: Lazio - Milan January 24 2023 20:45CET
I guess it's time to say it: PioliOut

Salad, Messias, Origi, Diaz, CdK all out
wtf is our defense doing? i see them just standing there instead of marking the opponents closely, they are just like watching the enemy dancing in our box, should we play a waltz so the enemy can keep on dancing in our box? all of them are atrocious, giroud need to be bench, not doing anything as of now, i know he is a goal poacher, but right now we better give that chance to a younger forward like lazetic or someone else
what has this team become. I saw the highlights. Those goals were so easily scored. Tatarusanu, seriously how is he still playing? How is Giroud, Diaz, Messias , Salamaekers, Dest still on the team? Looks like Banter Era is coming back.

The whole team should take the blame. From the owner, directors, coach and players.

So many things need to change next season. Many players need to be exiled from this team. Especially the ones mentioned above.
(01-24-2023, 10:50 PM)ACM2023 Wrote: same.

I also continue to support Maldini. I know that many have blamed him (they may be right), but I am not going to. I know little about how to run a football club, so I just can't.

Of course I blame the new American owner who I still think is a fraud. The sign was already not great when Maldini & Massara waited until the last minute to sign their extension. I still wonder if they already knew that things had changed and that we should be expecting tough time ahead. I made a post back then, speculating that Maldini only signed the extension out of his love for Milan, as he wouldn't get the support he needed. If he wasn't already employed by the club, he may not want to join at that time. 

Maldini isn't the most diplomatic person around. I am worried that he came out to announce that we wouldn't get any new player simply out of frustration that he got no fund to operate.

We finished the first half of the campaign at the 2nd place on the table. What an achievement... Not. Icon_lol2

I second this.

2nd in Serie A and still advancing in CL  Icon_lol2

We play badly, we manage badly, but somehow I feel this is Milan!
So these are the Messias and Saladmaker that some here are saying are better than Zaniolo

BTW, I just read Maldini's press statement on yesterday's game and I feel depressed. I wonder if that's just "management talk" or being delusional.
Corriere della Sera: Milan are in free fall and the crisis is getting deeper and deeper. The Rossoneri would do well to even finish in the Champions League places with just one point separating second through to fifth. Last year’s Milan has vanished, with zero ideas, zero team spirit and many wrong choices on display.
Why will Leao renew with this shit show? He wants a project, and this project seems to end now. Pretty sure we can say goodbye in the summer window. If we are lucky there will be a bidding war, lets get 100 mill euros, sell Salad, Messias, Ballo Toure, Pobega, Rebic, Krunic, and hopefully we can have a cash bag of 200 million with Leao, these sales, and some cash from Cardinale.

We need quality, not trash, and we need a new formation, and probably a new coach. I will thank Pioli so much for the Scudetto, the development of the likes of Theo, Tonali, Bennacer etc, but to take this team a step further we need a real tactician. Tuchel and Pochettino er available. Both are great, but Poch plays a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1, i will rather have Tuchels 3-4-3 or 3-4-1-2.

With 200 mill to spend a new coach in Tuchel, a new formation, and throwing dead meat, we can have a fresh start. Players to rely on from summer 2023:

- Maignan, Kalulu, Tomori, Calabria. Theo, Bennacer, Tonali, Gabbia, Vasquez, CDK, Giroud(As a sub), Traore, Thiaw, Vrankcx( i have faith in him and should be buyed).

About the market it will be really interesting. I would mould the 3-4-2-1 formation. I still have faith in CDK, and think he can blossom in season 2 and under a new coach. The quality is there, no doubt. In my opinion, we would need at least one more top CB, a real leader which are tall like Botman. Kalulu and Tomori needs a leader. We need a quality right WB/Midfielder. You cant trust Calabria in that role, he dont have the quality both ways to be reliable. We will also need a top class ACM and a CF. No more Giroud or Zlatan types, but an explosive pacey CF with great movement. I type like Muani, but he will probably be to expensive. Maybe Openda from Lens, he is a pace demon, having a great season in Lens, and have good values, plays for the team and so on. As for ACM i would go for a big gun, a statement signing, Bernardo Silva. He is no longer 100% a starter, and last year he considered his options. Im a big big fan, and his work of the ball is tremendous. Also brings a lot of experience. 40/50 mill should be enough i think. As a Right midfielder it would be so interesting to really fuck up Juve if they dont get CL, and pick up Chiesa. It will be fire sales and i doubt he wants to stay if they also get punishment in European tournaments. The competition will be fierce but we should go all inn. I would say 60/70 mill should seal the deal, maybe lower. The new CB is really difficult. We dont need a new talent, if Thiago Silva was 3 years younger he would have been perfect. A big leader is what wee need.

So the team after this signings:

- Maignan- Kalulu- New CB- Tomori- Chiesa- Tonali- Bennacer- Theo- CDK- Bernardo Silva- Openda. Subs: Vrankxc, Traore, Gabbia, Giroud, Calabria, ++ And we also need to have proper sub for Theo.

I think this will be a solid team, dynamic and pacey. Modern.
I don't think Pioli is guilty as much as board/M&M duo. I mean, our players are very, very technically and tactically limited. You can't expect tactical spark or surprise every game. When you have one dimensional players - much can't be done.

In transfer department, we failed miserably.
None of the recent signings worked, they all are utter garbage. RW is not resolved for years now.
Second, team is weaker than it was season, because we lost some players, while adequate replacements aren't provided.
For example, last season we had Tonali, Kessie & Bennacer, and, if something is wrong with one of them, you could rotate and have strong midfield at any game. Now we don't. We have only Tonali and Bennacer, and when one of them is tired or injured or out of form, we play without half of our midfield. They came to an idea to replace Kessie with Pobega!!! Seriously?!
They didn't even signed proper replacement for semi-average Romagnioli.
What they signed is bunch of relatively unknown kids, for who we could wait for years to "explode" or to snuff their careers... It's all ok, but at some point you must stop doing that and bring some proven players. This is not FM where you can create team full of 21 years old wonderkids and win Champions League next season.
And what puzzles me most is goalkeeper(s). Mike got injured. No problem, we have 3 others as replacements. But than it turned out to be problem after all, because none of them is good enough, so we decided to sign fourth goalkeeper! And we don't see him playing! It's still freakin' Tata! So, who did we actually bought? Keeper who's worse than Tata?! Than why did we bought him? If he's better than Tata, than why he don't play?!
What they urgently need to do is - learn to control that "sign injury prone players" fetish of theirs!

And what are our next steps? According to M&M duo we should all grab our hands together and cheerfully sing "We are strong, we are strong, we are fine as we are". While infernal flames are torching everything around, as in meme posted somewhere above.
This is late Galliani era pending to happen. Again.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Milan are going through bad moment. I think oiolinshould be replaced next match if things stay as so
Piolis only fault is maybe not switching to a 4-3-3 and not giving some mins to adli, vranx, thiaw,.... otherwise its a miracle still being top 4 and having won the scudetto with this team which is at best good for position 5-6 in the league table.Winning the scudetto made many think that Maldini will get some quality signings in the summer, yet.... nothing happened.