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Group C - Euro 2012
I really hope de rossi doesn't drop back in defence...that is the rumour. Chieliini also said "de rossi can play there." It would be a waste IMO. We need him in midfield.
(06-07-2012, 02:49 PM)ElMago99 Wrote: Apparently, Prandelli may have to switch to a 3 man back line with the injury of Barzagli...

Balzaretti----Marchisio---De Rossi-------Maggio------

Not sure how good that would be either...Italy could have some problems this tournament unfortunately.

So, has it been official that Astori is added to the list? Why not get Criscito back? After all, he should be innocent until proven guilty.
aka xudong
Italy and their history in Euro:

Keep in mind the Euro is somewhat like the Europa League. Italy really doesn't care that much about it. And Italy "caring" is what really matters. Because when they do play with determination they win most of the time. As I see it Italy will either get knocked out in this group stage or go all the way, assuming they can find the motivation in the quarter finals against (probably) France. If they get to the semi-final the trophy is practically theirs.

This is the typical Italy scenario really. With these players though, I have some doubts about the above. Apart from Cassano and Balo I can't really see any quality in this side. The defense is probably the worst Italian defense in at least 30 years, makes me ashamed to be Italian, and the midfield really isn't anything more than mediocre players. Hopefully they have the 3-4 best games of their lives, which isn't an absurdity knowing the Italian NT.
Honestly, this IT team is one of the worse IT teams I seen. Their defense is solid while their midfield lacks speed and toughness. Cassano and Mario looks good on paper but Mario is still a timebomb and if he does not get the calls he thinks he should, he plays like crap.
It is really sad that 6 yrs ago, the defense were Canna and Nesta, while they have an attack in Totti, Pippo and DP.
GO GO GO Italia

Maestro prove that you are better than xavi
If I remember correctly, Prandelli said that we will start with three man defense consisting of Chiellini, De Rossi and Ogbonna.
I just said "we" for Italy lol Big Grin
Look at Spain's lineup, Fabregas and Silva 'forwards' lol. Not so sure this can always work, like in club matches for example.

Casillas, Pique Ramos Alba Arbeloa, Busquets Alonso Xavi Iniesta, Fabregas Silva

Buffon De Rossi Bonucci Chiellini, Motta Pirlo Marchisio Maggio Giaccherini, Cassano Balotelli
I still don't understand why this criminal called Balotelli is in the Italian starting 11? I would prefer a 38 year old Inzgahi or and out of form Gilardino to this guy ... Not sure it a gamble worth taking ... Surely there must be other options.
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This is going to be a strange game. Italy has a 3-man defense for Spain who decides to have Fabregas and Silva as forwards. The midfield will be really crowded. Big Grin
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