Euro 2012 Quarters, Semis and Final
The only way it would make sense to expand is to have a straight 32 Draw (Tennis-Style) with knockout rounds from the beginning. Space the teams out by seeding, for instance:
1. Spain
2. Italia
3. Germany
4. Portugal
5. Netherlands

etc etc....

If you don't do it that way, then keep it at 16 teams with a group stage. 24 teams is just Facepalm

As for Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, they are merely figure heads. We must all now admit (for some it's hard) that the world doesn't work with dictators. We always have people behind the scenes who call the shots. Corporations and such have a great influence in how governments are run, as well as FIFA/UEFA. Platini and Blatter are mere puppets....

Blatter is a babbling fool who was so against technology until 2 weeks ago where he's now saying of course we need it. I believe what comes out of their mouth even less than what comes out of Galliani, which is zero.
I was reading an article on, which really impressed and interested me, talking about proactive and reactive football. It was written after the first Italy-Spain match and think it's worth a read:

There's mention of Gipo Viani, who many here won't know coached the side back in the 50s. Here's an article about that side:

I will post this in the summer mercato thread as well as it really is worth a read.

Very good read mate. Thanks.
I just read the guardian paper. It is very interesting and what particularly intrigues me is the author's take on the philosophical relationship between the harmony of your own team and that of the opponent team. ^^
aka xudong
Gio, I replied back to your post in the mercato thread, not sure if you saw it but I'm glad you and Xudong enjoyed it and it was my pleasure to share.

The article was written by Jonathan Wilson, who imo is one of the best journalists around when it comes to football. He focuses extremely heavily on tactics and I have mentioned his book many times on here in the past, Inverted Pyramid: the history of football tactics, which is simply an incredible read.