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Venting, sell the club, etc. thread
(03-20-2015, 03:30 AM)reza Wrote: Well something more, who knows really:

A Chinese but not Mr.Pink who will be revealed or at least be announced somehow in June. Taucheabol, the Thai, is more an intermediary than the actual buyer.
Three year gradual investment that might result in majority share.

Wasn't that the same news reported about a week or two ago?

Also worth mentioning is American investors (people who own Madison Square Garden) have supposedly made an offer for a majority share, but Silvio rejected.
More or less same as last week probably.

If a big time person is behind a bid you can be sure that he will eventually want control. The only question is how soon and then how much he will remain interested. What I am saying is that if a billionaire starts with 25% he will not stay at 25%, he would want control. if Berlusconi starts to give it away it is almost inevitable that he will have to give away more not long after.
Then comes the next step. Will the new owner actually invest long term or lose interest for personal or other reasons (ala Monaco, Anzhi, etc.)
Now this is something new.

From Football Italia:

Milan’s Curva Sud has released a statement urging fans to boycott Saturday’s game against Cagliari.

The Rossoneri are currently 10th in Serie A, and are facing a second consecutive season without European football.

Amidst rumours that Berlusconi is looking to sell, the Ultras are calling for more transparency from the club and will boycott tomorrow’s match to force his hand.

“How many times have we made sacrifices for Milan?” they demanded, after a quote from Nick Hornby’s ‘Fever Pitch’.

“How many times have we saved up to buy a new shirt, to be able to go to the stadium, to renew our season tickets?

“There’s one thing that’s been lacking, something that we want as Milan fans and lovers of these colours: clarity!

“We have a series of questions we’d like to ask President Berlusconi.

“Why have you, for years, pulled the wool over our eyes, promising a speedy return to the glories of the past, but then abandoned a project after a few months?

“We’d really like to understand, in order to avoid being cheated for the umpteenth time. How true are these rumours of selling all or some of the shares?

“If the intention is to sell part of the club and remain in this stalemate, then it’s better to just sell all of the club and let someone else take control of the situation.

“How much desire do you still have to bring us back to the top of the world? And if you don’t feel like doing that, why prolong this agony that’s slowly dragging us to the bottom?

“We’re still grateful for what you’ve done in these 29 years, but now we’re at rock bottom and we don’t feel like starting to dig.

“We haven’t forgotten what you did for us, taking us over in a court and taking us to the top of the world in a few short years.

“Unfortunately though, we’ve been in a state of inertia for too long, making us feel abandoned and almost resigned to our fate.

“The time has come to take the situation in hand, and from tomorrow we will begin a series of initiatives to achieve clarity and to understand things.

“We invite EVERYONE to abandon the stadium for Milan-Cagliari, but we don’t just stop there, we ask you to avoid buying any official merchandise.

“They must remain completely alone as they’ve made us feel many, many times over the years. We invite those who have already bought tickets and made travel arrangements to stay, if possible, outside the stadium.

“If this is impossible [we understand the inconvenience, as we were always the first to travel to see our great love], we ask to at least not show banners and flags and refrain from cheering.

“Today, more than ever, the Rossoneri must show unity of purpose and make sure the proponents of this situation fulfil their responsibilities.

“This is the last appeal from the Curva, Milan club and all Rossoneri to the President, the person who can bring clarity and resolve this situation, or we’ll be aware that there is no other way than strong opposition.”
I know we all don't want ultra type influence but putting a spotlight on problems is ok in my opinion. Having said that, again in my opinion, not much will be achieved from doing the things they ask for.
I'm not the ultras biggest fan by a long stretch, but I totally agree with what's written there.
I fully support this campaign. What other way is there for us fans to show our discontent?
Not sure it would work, as Berlusconi and Galliani are both tricky and thick-skinned old foxes, but voices are always better than silence, and actions are better than words.
(03-21-2015, 05:30 PM)xudong Wrote: Not sure it would work, as Berlusconi and Galliani are both tricky and thick-skinned old foxes, but voices are always better than silence, and actions are better than words.

You're probably right. Milannews.it mentioned today that the last time there was a fan protest like this against Berlusconi, at the end of the 2009/10 season, Milan actually invested in the summer, buying Ibra, Robinho, etc. I don't think something like that will happen this time though.
I didn't watch the last match against Cagliari, so the first thought when I saw this thread was: oh, another lost...

Well, the result is reversed, but that surely cannot change the fact that we are hungry for a change.
All sorts of news in Tuttosport today saying that Berlusconi is going to sell to Mr Pink, Bee Taechaubol will meet Berlusconi in April with a firm offer and that the potential Arab investors mentioned a few weeks ago have pulled back their offer.




For those wondering who Mr Pink actually is and his background, this seems to be the most detailed article around:


Sounds like an "interesting" character.