Scotland's Glasgow Rangers demoted to the bottom league
I can't find a proper thread for this post. This is shocking news though. Gattuso wished to return to Rangers this summer before he moved to Sion eventually.

Maybe Reza could merge all the threads on the "lesser" leagues into one?

Quote:Scotland's Rangers into third division

Updated: July 13, 2012, 11:19 AM ET
Associated Press

GLASGOW, Scotland -- Scottish clubs voted for the Rangers to begin next season in the third division, the country's lowest professional league.

Rangers, in bankruptcy protection because of tax debts of nearly $33 million, faced two votes on Friday: 29 of the 30 Scottish Football League allowed Rangers in the SFL, and 25 of 30 made the country's most successful club start play from the bottom.

Rangers, Scottish champion a record 54 times, was barred last week from returning to the Scottish Premier League and hoped to restart in the next tier, the first division.

"The decision has been taken in the interest of sporting fairness," SFL chief executive David Longmuir said at a news conference. "I am comfortable that the Scottish Football League has made a very decisive decision."

Rangers remained hopeful of an SPL 2 being introduced.

"It is now understood that on the back of a briefing SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster and SFA counterpart Stewart Regan gave to clubs last week that the SPL will introduce a plan for SPL 2 -- which would include Rangers -- and invite existing division one members to join," Rangers said on its website.

However, Livingston chairman Gordon McDougall doubted such a breakaway will take place.

There remains a financial concern for the remaining clubs in the SPL: Without the world famous rivalry between Celtic and Rangers, there's a worry the SPL will lose money in television revenue.

The repercussions of Rangers' financial meltdown have seen the club banned from European football for three years, and the loss of many of its best players.

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Indeed shocking (to me) because together with Celtics, they've been conquering the Scottish league.. and I thought the last time I read they just found an investor to take over & clear the debts.
Fun fact:

Throughout its existence the championship of Scottish football has been dominated by two Glasgow clubs. Celtic and Rangers, the so-called "Old Firm", have claimed the majority of league titles with Rangers taking 54, and Celtic winning 43 as of 2012. No other club has won the title on more than four occasions, with the most recent club outside the Old Firm to win the title being Aberdeen in the 1984–85 season under Alex Ferguson's management. Each of the Old Firm clubs has at one time managed a run of nine consecutive championships, Celtic from 1966 to 1974 and Rangers from 1989 to 1997. The Old Firm's longest period of unbroken dominance came between 1904 and 1931 when the two clubs between them won 27 consecutive titles.This has now been equalled with Celtic winning the championship in 2012.

Rangers (54 Winners, 30 Runners-up, 18 Third)
Celtic: (43W, 31R, 16T)
Hearts (4W, 14R, 17T)
Aberdeen: (4W, 13R, 8T)
Hibernian (4W, 6R, 13T)

Other teams that had won include: Dumbarton (2), Motherwell (1), Kilmarnock (1), Dundee (1), Dundee United (1), Third Lanark (1)

If you only count Scottish Premier League since its inception in 1998,

1st Place: Celtic (7 times); Rangers (7 times)
2nd Place: Celtic (7 times); Rangers (6 times); Hearts (1 time)
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The scottish league is the most uninteresting league there is. They play eachother so many times a season and there are (were Big Grin) only 2 decent teams. This is also a big blow for Celtic.
Spanish La Liga is as competitive as SPL in term of boringness.

Real (32W, 20R)
Barcelona (21W, 23R)
A. Madrid (9,8)
Bilbao (8,7)
Valencai (6, 6)
Real Sociedad (2,3)
Deportivo (1, 5)
Sevilla (1, 4)
Real Betis (1, 0)

At least 11 different teams have won Scottish championship, in Spain, that number was 9.
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