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Hello everyone, I'm only 16 but my ideas are clear, I want to become a chiropractor at the international level, I want to get out of Europe, I thought to Canada, New Zealand and Australia, in your opinion what is the best state?
In Canada, the University is located in Toronto.
In New Zealand is located in Auckland.
In Australia is located in Sydney.
I can't call this "team" AC Milan.

I live in Canada and I'm in University right now. I attend to a physio clinic sometimes because I'm injured a lot because of soccer (I'm probably worst then Pato) but minor injuries.

I can say that U of T is a great university and I go there..It's almost like an Ivy League school I believe that's what they call them in USA. There is also York University. I'm not sure if York University offers courses in your field but look into it.
There is also Ryerson and Guelph University that aren't all that bad.
If you're into soccer my university has a great varsity team, I'm on it and it has great trainers but anyways off topic.

Canadas economy is doing really well so if you do plan on becoming a chiropractor and want to begin your work in Canada you'll surely find a job in almost an instant.
If you look to open your own clinic then it is best to open in a suburban area to avoid franchised competition like Massage Therapy Canada, they tend not to be located in suburban areas but you'll still have a big market open for you and you'll provide convenience to that population.