Current squad - what work is needed?
I am just saying the MGT have no objectives and no clues as to how to run the club.
Sad thing is, the rest of the world seems to know.

Like I said, if they want to run Milan like a business with profits, then signings like Matri and Silvestre would not have happened. Kaka, yes due to marketing reason and he is still good footballer. Honda is another one due to the same reasons for Kaka.

Thus, I doubt they want to run Milan like a business.

However, if they are running Milan like a football club, then these suits are a sad bunch b.c they don't seems to know how to run it either.

1. Over the past 5 yrs or so, Milan probably lost more players to injuries than any other sides in Serie A. Thats just prove that the medical staff needs to be review. Yet nothing huge happened, and they all just blame the San Siro pitch, yet Inter players seem fine.

2. Squad size, this is a direct results due to point 1. The huge squad size is mainly b.c the injury problems.

3. Youth development/promotion. Now I am not saying Milan should hope to develop the next SUPERSTAR, but I really doubt only Abate, Polashi, Merkel, Antonini and DES are capable of playing for Milan over the past 15 yrs of development. If that is really the case, then there should be a huge change in all the youth teams in Milan b.c they are just wasting their time and money with very little results. On a sidenote, after watching the horror show of Matri, aka former youth product, Milan should change all their youth coaches.

Right now, a new coach .. Tassotti NOW, Prandelli in July after World Cup.

Formation right NOW

------------------------De Jong---------------------------------
De Sciglio/Constant----------------------------Abate/DeSciglio


-------------------De Jong/Montolivo---------------------------------
De Sciglio/Constant----------------------------Abate/DeSciglio

I'm sorry but I see no place in the lineup for Kaka. I don't know why he was signed. He can play on the wing if he proves better than SES, Robinho, and Honda. The 4-3-3 is what we need to do at this point... and I don't want to see Emanuelson, Nocerino, Matri, or Zapata, no to mention Zaccardo or Bonera.
Something small but important to me, change captaincy from Monti to De Jong. The latter fights throughout the match, is consistent and is the closest thing we have to a fighter on the team.
That won't work. If it was up to me, I would give captaincy to De Sciglio. At least that kid is good enough and if we allow it, he could stay in Milan for a long while. But that won't happen either, even though Baresi assumed captaincy at a very young age (21 or 22).
aka xudong
Latest Reports are we will play with a 4-2-3-1 with Pazzo up front.

I'd rather we played with Balo on top and SES-Kaka-Honda in support. Makes more sense in the attacking/holding view. Niang to come out as our wild card when we need more speed, with Kaka making way for Honda and Niang on the right.
Middle of De Jong and Monti isn't too shabby, and Poli will be the first off the bench to replace them or even in the 3-line, followed by Birsa. Muntari should never play a single game for us ever again. I don't care if he's scored two goals, he sucks, he can't pass properly, he has no tactical awareness and his defending and ball handling is worse than Zapatas, and thats saying something!

As always, defense is where our troubles always have been. With the current crop of players, the best we can hope for is De Sciglio-Mexes-Rami-Abate. I'd try the youngsters over any of the old guard. Zapata had his chance and didn't take it. Bonera is best as a bench warmer, and Zaccardo and Silvestre have no reason to even be on the team sheet.

We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Wrote about this in the System thread Ryo, but I agree with you, that Balotelli supported by SES-Kaka-Honda is possibly the best we have right now if going to 4-2-3-1. Anyway, I went into more detail there.

I actually came to this thread as it's now official that the club have gone into ritiro (training camp), to try and sort out the problems. This means two things to me:

1) We're in a worse state right now than we were when in trouble last season. I always maintained that things could turn around then and that's why I constantly supported Allegri then and I assume the club and coach felt the same. However, it seems this time round there's much more uncertainty and doubt, as well as ill discipline (not behaviour, but in footballing terms).

2) Allegri's not got long to sort the mess out, hence such a drastic measure. We're not a club that just goes into ritiro and the last time I remember it happening in circumstances like these is back in the late 90's. I think Allegri's got to pick things up, otherwise he'll be out before Christmas.

On a separate note, I was just listening to a Beyond the Pitch podcast where Gariele Marcotti was discussing our situation (this was at the end of the mercato). He mentioned that Umberto Gandini spoke to him and acknowledged the management of the club needs a refresh, as he said he's the youngest of those in charge and has been at the club since 1993. What's interesting is he acknowledges the management needs a refresh, which I doubt is unnoticed by others like Galliani. I think we need to know when things change, rather than if.

Finally, I read a rumour today (can't remember where) that a trusted entourage of Berlusconi's is in Abu Dhabi today to discuss selling shares of the club. This doesn't mean they would do as Inter and sell the majority of the club, as they would keep majority shares.
Selling a share would be good thing for the refresh in itself. I really don't care about having lots more spending money (that possibly a majority/minority new owner might bring) but spending what is needed and building on it.
Also staying in San Siro with or without Inter is not really useful so I don't see any positive stadium news in the near future.
We need a football brain in charge of football with business decisions delegated elsewhere, may be Galliani can come in and bargain after the person responsible for football has chosen the player. We are killing this team putting price before quality.
Squad list showing age, country and contract end date
I still don't get why people kept saying Galliani knows how to bargain. For every so call bargain he gets, he will sign at least TWO useless players with contracts Milan can't let go.
Good Bargains:
Boateng, Poli, Monty, and DeJong

Solid Bargains:
Muntari, Nocerino, Birsa, and Constant

Bad Bargains:
Didac, Urby, Mesbah, Taiwo, Zapata, Brojin, Flamini, Zaccardo, Silvestre, Senderous, Legro, MATRI, and Troare

4-2-3-1 would be a lot better. It would compliment us best, and not only that but it allows us to support playing all our better players.

------------monty-----de jong-----------

Looks pretty good. BTW Gabriel good point, it's true I'll admit that Galliani has made more poor signing than good ones.. It's just that the good bargains he gets are usually VERY good bargains that usually don't happen. Those poor signings seem more like Galliani rolling the dice and hoping for something good. For example, getting Bojan and Silvestre maybe he thought would work out and be a nice surprise like Noce/Constant/Boateng as of recent. The thing I'm realizing though is that these players DO NOT stay consistent, they've all went downhill at points (other than Constant, who I still rate as a solid player).

But, most of those shit deals we did didn't cost TOO much, still a lot when you combine them all but most were free agents or taken for swaps for other useless players etc etc. IMO, the WORST deal so far has been Matri. We're going to have paid 11mln euros for him, on top of paying him a hefty salary (2.5m I believe) and he's been just as useless (if not even more useless) than most those other players you brought up.