Welcome Valter Birsa
Should we make a thread name "Farewell Luca Antonini" Big Grin

Joking aside, his last message is very emotional. I remember Boateng, but not miss him. However, I both remember & miss Antonini.
Yes someone please make a farewell thread.
I Heart ACM !!
I just looked. We didn't even have a thread for Antonini? Facepalm I feel terrible.
I hope you leave soon Valter Birsa!

You know, for someone practically none of us knew anything about, he seems to be a decent signing. Actually, could be a very good signing considering it helped us get rid of Traore or Antonini (I'm still not clear on how we got him). Anyways, above is just a video of his performance against Samp which was very good. Might be another nice surprise like Boateng/Nocerino were in their first season(s) with us. If that's the case, hopefully he stays a pleasant surprise and doesn't end up falling off like they did.
I'm not convinced, though he was useful vs Samp. At the very most he's a bench player, but quite frankly we should be looking for players of much better quality/consistency for our squad.

One thing I will say about him though is I do think he's got a decent left foot and his work rate is highly commendable.
AGREE with Dev, he will be a very good off the bench player or someone who fills in here and there. Not someone who can start for a CL side regularly.
He reminds me of a good utility player like Giunti or Dhorasoo in the past.
Giunti was a flop while Dhorasoo imo was quite a lot better than Birsa, just he was in a squad where there were some awesome midfielders. That said, Birsa imo is the sort of player that would have struggled to find space in the squad Giunti was part of, never mind other more successful sides.
Was he injured today? Why was he taken off for Poli?