Serie A - Week 9 : Parma - Milan ( 27 Oct 2013 - 15.00 CET)
i could be wrong but i do not think we have even created ONE scoring oppurtunity. I dont think there GK has done anything, we pass with no intention, and once we realinze that, we go for the long ball, over and over again.
Constant constantly sucks, abate still doesnt know how to cross, birsa and monti are more invisible that harry potters cloak.

The only positives i see is Poli and De Jong.
Chievo 1-1 Fiorentina
Juventus 2-0 Genoa
Udinese 0-0 Roma

Napoli won and Inter won.

If we don't react and finally win that game ... Then, all the comments of Tassoti and Allegri and even the players (they all said we have a serie of games and we must use them to start to come back higher in the table ... But starting with a loss ...) will be useless.
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
I Am starting to feel like i aM wasting my sunday morning
Maybe if we get relegated B&G will understand.
We need to be more ruthlessly efficient up front, and more attentive in the back.

Constant has to come off, another striker (Kaka) needs to come up to show the determination to turn this stupidity around.

The suggestion: De Sciglio or Urby comes in to take the place of Constant; Kaka comes in to take off one of Zapata or Silvestre. There is no more time for hesitation; if we reacted quickly, we could still have a chance.
aka xudong
Even at 1-0 down, which is most of the first half, we weren't playing like a team trying to get back into the game, we were playing like its still 0-0 or that goal was ours, its just painful

At best even if we manage somehow to get the score back to 2-2 at the end of this game, everyone is gonna be like: we played a good second half and be satisfied with us claiming one point out of this mess, week after week, the same story
Absolutely terrible.

No creativity in the midfield. They keep passing the ball to the forwards' feet and then expect them to create everything. No imagination. can you play 30 yards from goal almost the entire half and yet not deliver a single dangerous ball into the area. How do some of these guys make millions is beyond me.

Biabiany tore Constant to pieces.

The build up is sooooo slow.

Mario keeps diving.

Robinho keeps making the beautiful moves....only to then f**k up the simple passes after that.

Birsa is Birsa. Works hard, but his place is not in Milan starting 11.

The midfielders are doing that they are good at. De Jong wins the ball; Montolivo spreads the play; Poli does a little bit of both and runs the spaces. However, we need Creativity in there. This is a very dull midfield and I blame Galliani for that. This is what you get with these type of players.....slow build up, side to side passing. That can be offset if you had great wingbacks but sadly ours suck.

And I don't understand......Kaka was fit to play 60mins against Barca, yet now he is only ready for the bench. What the hell is wrong with this moron Allegri!

Don't be afraid my friends....Matri will come in at 60mins and save the day!
The worst in that game is we conceded goals on counters but yet we don't really dominate. If only we were creating chances after chances and finally conceded because of our lack of efficiency, but no, we just send the players high on the pitch, passing the ball to each other 50 times before letting them have the chances thanks to 2-3 passes only.
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
I don't think we've been THAT bad in attack to be honest. We moved the ball pretty well I would say and were 1 or 2 passes away from creating good chances. Poli had one but didn't take it. I am glad Balotelli got a yellow for diving. Maybe NOW he'll stop with his antics. A big man like him shouldn't be diving over the place like's embarrassing..

Our defense though..utter shambles. In any game where we don't play with 11 behind the ball, our defense can't cope. It is clear as day that we need reinforcing and I hope Rami helps solve some of those problems.
Siamo a posto cosi.
Two practically the same goals. Biabiany crosses, Abate is alone against two men. On the first goal, Poli was late to close down, in fact he was nowhere near. On the second, Montolivo was a bit late again. Beside a certain stupidities of our defenders (Constant to be precise), our midfield is really slow closing down. Allegri switched Poli's and Montolivo's positions, because it was evident that Poli is pretty lost defensively, and Monto can't provide shit in attack. It may sound strange, because all the bashing the guy has been receiving on these pages, but Muntari is really missed today.

As for attacking part, same old story, plus Balotelli is not really up to it today. We're lacking creativity upfront so we're trying to squeeze them by moving our all team up, but it's very risky, because the midfield and side backs are slow closing down, which was evident on the second goal. Silvestre doesn't have a chance against Biabiany on open space and this was a clear tactical mistake by Allegri.

I don't know why Allegri hesitates to play Kaka at attacking midfielder position. If he was going to play him at second striker position, I don't know why we've brought him really, because we had too many strikers already.

ANNDD........NO CHANGES at half time. What the hell is wrong with this idiot. If a half like that does not require changes at the break then I just don't get it. When is he going to make changes? the 75th minute as usual????