World Cup 2022 - Qatar
So this thing will actually be held in Qatar despite them misleading the executive committee that it could be held in the summer and despite the conditions of the workers there? Facepalm
Siamo a posto cosi.
What made you think that the executive committee was misled? I say that they were part of the plot in the first place.

I'm assuming the talk of Qatar saying they'd build facilities to manage conditions is what Mystik is referring to. Honestly, I feel more aggrieved about the fact that modern slavery is pretty much the case there and those in FIFA chose to ignore it, hardly a surprise considering the corrupt thieves who lead it though.
FIFA is giving something extra to the clubs to make them agree to the World Cup change

"Clubs will share a pot of $209 million (£141.6 million) for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in Russia and Qatar.
The pot was $70 million for Brazil and only $40 million in South Africa in 2010.
The European Clubs' Association -- which had been demanding compensation for moving the 2022 World Cup to the winter -- has welcomed the announcement."
The new FIFA president, Infantino, reconfirmed this will happen in November/December 2022. Really wonder how the clubs can manage CL and leagues that year. And it will affect the season(s) before and after it too, at least one.
You don't realistically believe a new FIFA president (however different he claims that he is from his predecessors) is going to walk in and take it away from Qatar, do you? (as that would be the only other option, as playing in the summer in Qatar is simply inhumane).

I bet that sometime around 2024 (it has to be after the Qatar WC is finished), more details will "begin to surface" and some heads will roll. But for now, all is good. Rolleyes

This is the football world. Nothing will change. So disgusting.
It's official that it's November 21 to December 18. 27 days only is ridiculous and will have big effect on player fatigue and possible injury.
Funny thing, both in FM17 and FM18 if you play long enough, Qatar WC gets moved to another country Big Grin
Would be interesting if that happened. Big Grin
(07-16-2018, 07:34 PM)Stitch Wrote: Funny thing, both in FM17 and FM18 if you play long enough, Qatar WC gets moved to another country Big Grin

I played both and in both my saves they went to Morocco