The golden tie tribute: management changes?
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However he was viewed unfairly or not, Adriano Galliani was in many ways the face of modern Milan. Last minute bargain finder, high salary provider, loyal servant, Mr. X teaser ... Grazie

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aka xudong
Galliani has always acted, first and foremost, as a Milanista. That's the best explanation for many of his decisions, both good and bad. He hurled obscenity at our player, got himself in a quarrel with other club's fans in the stand, lingered over the senators a little longer than needed, welcomed back our former stars, because when it comes to Milan, he is just as passionate and sentimental as any of us here.

Give him the cheque book and he'll convince the world's best players to join us, give him next to nothing and he'll scour the Bosman list looking for bargain, making up excuses about bad teeth if he has to -- all in Milan best interest. For that I can only thank him.

Grazie and arrivederci, Golden Tie. The San Siro will surely be a less lively place without your frown or hysterics.
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I am shock that Galliani will leave Milan. It is not that about his quit from Milan but how he leaves Milan. We are talking about Milan as a family club, a man who has been working for Milan for years. He might have bad work performance in recent years but a more elegant parting should be done. Milan is not just a company, a club. It is a family. IMO this will be a bad note in Milan history.

I do want and fully support reformation in Milan management structure but I feel ashamed seeing how the change has been going on with regard of Galliani's quit.
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
I feel it would be incorrect to go into the negatives about recent years in a thread dedicated to the legacy he leaves Milan, so I'll keep that for elsewhere.

What I will say is that with Silvio Berlusconi, Galliani has taken Milan from a side on the brink of extinction and made it into the world's most successful and imo the world's greatest football club. His trophies, passion and achievements over the 28 years speak for themselves and no one can question his positive contribution to Milan. You only need to see the news coverage surrounding his recent announcements to see that when it comes to club leadership, this isn't any ordinary person in football.

I will miss him, as I've become accustomed to seeing Uncle Fester with his golden ties go hand in hand with Milan.

A legend as much as any player for the club and a man who can leave with his head held high, knowing that he's not just brought the club back to greatness from a dark time, but he's reached out to so many people around the world and infected them with his passion.

A salute to Adriano Galliani, a proud Milanista.
Not so fast! Berlu has saved the day once more and announced that Galliani will stay! Haha What a circus!

In any case though, all jokes aside, I think he's gone. Probably in January though or this summer. His comments were very serious and I don't see what Berlu could have said to change his mind. It's probably some sort of disagreement over payment or what not that's still keeping him here. As soon as things are resolved, he'll be out the door, I'm sure of that. And that's ok with me! Change always brings a breath of fresh air.....what we do with it will be the more interesting part.
Our winter mercato is complete. We have resigned Galliani aka Mr X.

I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!
That won't be for long. My guess is that he will still leave rather soon.
aka xudong
Not even sure if he's leaving.. kind of like Seedorf the year he left. Didn't get the proper send off because he didn't want to.. because his relationship with the fans went sour.

Anyways, Galliani is a true Milanista and I thank him for that. He will definitely go down as a legend. The last few years have gone from bad to awful, and we'll never know whose fault it truly was .. but as time passes we will remember him for the good he did.
I still believe that he is leaving at the end of this season. The only difference now is that the transition will (hopefully) be smoother.
aka xudong