The golden tie tribute: management changes?
May be this belongs here

Quote:Nicola Cortese has resigned as Southampton executive chairman and is heavily linked with a move to Milan.

The news of Cortese’s interest in a job within Milan’s new club structure emerged over the last few days and has been gaining traction.
I have never heard about this guy. Anyone know anything about him?
For what I know he is a tough businessman, where ever he ends up he will be a strict business type. Those who like him give him credit for rescuing Southampton financially mostly
Cortese by the looks of it has done an amazing job at southampton. 2 promotions and doing well in PL. And with a brilliant youth setup. just looking at the young players they have brought through is impressive. i would welcome someone that doesnt look through rose tinted glasses and can make calls on what is best for teh club to move forward with a plan.
Apparently he has worked closely with Southampton's owner until he suddenly offered to resign last year due to differences with the owner's daughter regarding the club's future plans...

Sounds familiar? Sagrin I can see how he must be desperate to join Milan for a change of scenery!
Interesting news if true (I mean him joining Milan). I won't lie, I know nothing about him, but what Southampton has achieved in recent years is pretty incredible.
Executive chairman, eh? Are we planning to have 3 CEOs now? Wink
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