Contest idea
A unibet coupon perhaps Tongue Bet against milan Grinundwech
(12-04-2013, 11:06 AM)Stitch Wrote: before you decide to do it, think about the delivery costs. remember, MM members are from all over the world. I'm from Bosnia, for example, and I'm sure the shirt delivery would cost more than 3 shirts Smile

i've just come up with the solutions for this. you dont have to buy the shirt, pack it and sell it. you can buy it on ebay from one of the many sellers that ship internationally for free.

its not because i lead prediction league, i swear Big Grin
Dealing with shipping is probably the biggest question, may be ebay is really an option.

Either way, this is still in my mind and I may set something up to coincide with the start of next season in late August.