Keisuke Honda
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Xudong gave me the idea. I'm just repeating what's in his head Sagrin
There is no way Honda is staying after this. Silvio must be butthurt like mad. I would really love it if our ex players, coaches came out with how fucked uo the management is from top to bottom- gave it a voice in the media. These two old fucks need to be shamed poublicly and by people who know football.
(10-08-2015, 09:08 AM)ZvonimirBoban Wrote: Xudong gave me the idea. I'm just repeating what's in his head Sagrin

Honda again has commented while on International duty about his struggle in Milan

Nothing too shocking really, certainly not as controversial/honest as last time, but clearly he's not finding it easy.
Interesting, Honda's commented that he has no intention of leaving or giving up
So, I guess we can forget about making profit off him then. Big Grin
I really want this guy to do well but I fail to see how that will happen.
Honda IS a good player but he needs to play and be appreciated. Cerci sucked with us, but Coach gave him a chance and he is finding his game again. We can't be stupid and lose our Japanese market.

It's either him or give me Robinho back
Quote:Keisuke Honda has again blasted Milan, saying ‘the situation is ugly’ and that ‘the team has been in perennial trouble for two and a half years.’

The Japan international spoke out about an ‘uneasy situation’ at the club in November and has again been critical, this time of the continuous sacking of Coaches.

The attacking midfielder has been linked with a move away from San Siro for some time, but praised the club’s appeal: “Few other clubs in the world have it.”

“Milan were going through a difficult period at the time of my arrival, and I knew what I was going to face,” Honda explained to Kyodo News.

“Allegri wanted me, but since then the situation has become even uglier.

“I arrived at Milan in the hope of being able to give my contribution to change things, but since then the club has continued to keep changing Coach with the result that the team has been in perennial trouble for two and a half years.

"Milan could be great again, they have the appeal of few other clubs in the world, but a single purchase isn’t enough to solve problems.

“Kaka, Robinho, Torres and Balotelli all came, then who else?"
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