Poll: Who should be our new coach?
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Filippo Inzaghi
1 10.00%
Clarence Seedoorf
4 40.00%
Mauro Tassotti
0 0%
Reza just had to mention Bielsa Big Grin
2 20.00%
3 30.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Our new headcoach
Now that he knows he won't be here next season, will he be negligent to his duty as a coach (not that it will make a difference)?
(01-01-2014, 01:15 PM)ZvonimirBoban Wrote: Now that he knows he won't be here next season, will he be negligent to his duty as a coach (not that it will make a difference)?

(01-01-2014, 11:23 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote:
(12-31-2013, 04:45 PM)xudong Wrote: #1. who is he?
#2. montolivo will get only one match ban?
#3. no thanks to him. he could bring the team down to drainer and we still love them. but again, no thanks to him. Angry

#1. I've heard about him and he's apparently one of our most interesting youth players. He's a midfielder and this is the only video I'm aware of him:


#2. I think it'll probably be 2 as it was a straight red. I don't think the decision has been made yet.

#3. lol

I believe the criterium is perceived malicious intention. but of course I can be wrong.
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While Montolivo says it was accidental, I think that red might be seen with malicious intent, as he pretty much stamped on Poulsen's ankle.
(01-01-2014, 01:15 PM)ZvonimirBoban Wrote: Now that he knows he won't be here next season, will he be negligent to his duty as a coach (not that it will make a difference)?

It can't get any worse than this. Let's see what it brings.
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I don't think Allegri started this season thinking he would be in charge after next summer. He's announced it now, but I think he knew he'd be out next summer.

I also think he'll be doing everything he can to improve the situation too. He's one of the favourites for Italy post Prandelli (along with Zaccheroni it seems) and surely will want to do everything in his power to try and secure that job. He's said publicly he wants to coach Italy too.
@ Dev, I read multiple reports saying he's one of the favorites to take over for Italy, but my question is why? and how? I mean for me it would be on nightmare to the next Big Grin I'm a Milan fan, and having an Italian background makes me an Italy fan as well, so it looks like one of my teams will be saved but the other doomed Big Grin
I don't honestly know why Allegri is pretty much favourite. Not to say I think he's a bad coach, as I think he did ok at Milan in his first 3 years, but this year the whole club is a disaster from top to bottom, he's just one of the problems now, even if he's got a penchant for making stupid decisions.

That said, I think with Italy he would have a fresh start and his approach to relying on the quality of individuals could be of benefit at national level, as unlike at club football you don't get to work with players daily, meaning it's hard to build a tight system for the players to work in. This serves to benefit him in another way too, as I don't think Allegri's a very good man manager. Working for short periods at various points in the year might help him keep better rapports with players than working on a day to day basis.

I think it comes down to alternatives though, as there aren't many Italian coaches who are available at this point to take the job. Zaccheroni's the alternative, but otherwise it's a case of trying to pry coaches from their clubs. Conte may or may not be a possibility as there are always rather tenuous rumours around him looking ready to leave Juve, but there's little certainty.
I'm so glad mr. Allegri's leaving!! I just hope management doesn't bring in another "lemme-wait-till-the-game-is-over-before-making-changes" coach or a coach that thinks the best way to defend a 2-goal aggregate lead against Barca @ d Camp Nou is to go and attack them! I wish mr. Allegri all the best in his coaching career.
Don Silvio, what is your aim???
I don't think the choice is as clear as some think. I like Seedorf but towards the end I hated him with a passion, he only ever turned up 1 game in 7 but he was class, no doubt. I think we need a manager with experience as this a is a building job and so Prandelli would be my choice. His teams have always played attacking football and I think that's the way we need to play. If not him then who? laudrup from Swansea maybe. Again is a brilliant player and his team plays good football.

I saw a stat that showed we have more possession than any other team in Italy, what the fuck have we done with it? Nothing. Wrong players have the ball in the wrong positions and that's why we struggle. Tactics are foreign to Allegri, anyone that has ever played Football Manager could do a better job.

Other than that, Van Gaal is a good shout as he would give the youth a go if we are on a budget again. Too early for Pippo me thinks, let him have another season or two with the youth team.

I do think Tassotti also needs to take a step back, he has to take some of the blame along with Allegro, plus if we change it should be a complete change.
I would take anyone over Allegri at this moment, but now that I know Allegri is for sure a goner, I am not too excited with the prospect of having Seedorf coach us. But I don't really have a name in my mind though.

If we truly end up with Seedorf, I will pray that he will pull off a Capello. Smile

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