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Group-A - WC 2014
(04-20-2014, 06:29 AM)mzk57 Wrote: A bold prediction by me. Brazil won't make it to the round of 16 stage. As Xu mentioned, Mexico always give Brazil a tough time and I am also positive that Mandukic & Modrich will do a serious damage to Brazil.

Croatia and Mexico will qualify, Brazil can enjoy WC from the stands.
(04-25-2014, 05:06 AM)xudong Wrote:
(04-24-2014, 08:00 PM)mzk57 Wrote: Now you are getting on my nerves ............. You support Brazil because you dislike Argentina too much. Confused Wth Angry

Let me remind you I am the best ever pundit in internet forum discussion history ...... and if your attitude doesn't change towards Argentina, I might change my prediction of Argentina vs Brazil final to Argentina vs Italy final, which means you gonna have to see Argentina vs Andrea Pirlo in WC final Grinundwech

In that case, I will predict that prick would miss the final due to injury or suspension or both Icon_lol2, and Andrea Poli would lead Italy to glory. Okmilan


Amen to that. Amen.
Zeekay's Dream Team of Brazil

1. Gilmar Neves

2. Cafu ..... 3. Lúcio ..... 5. Bellini ..... 6. Roberto Carlos

4. Clodoaldo

8. Didi ............... 7. Garrincha

10. Pele ..... 11. Rivaldo

9. Ronaldo

Argentina will win the World Cup 2018

[Image: mhj0y.jpg]
The only things about the horrendous Bayern defeat that is giving me pleasure is the fact that Dante showed that he is not one of those kind of defenders that would win matches of his own, like Cannavaro in 2006. Otherwsie being an Argie fan, the TS-(last season's) Dante partnership would have worried me alot. Now I am sure that Messi will rip through both of them and score in the final, if Brazil somehow managed to reach there, which i doubt highly after doing my permutations about the WC.
Argentina will win the World Cup 2018

[Image: mhj0y.jpg]
Scorlari just announced his 23 man squad:

Quote:Goalkeepers: Júlio César (Toronto FC), Jéfferson (Botafogo), Victor (Grêmio)

Defenders: Daniel Alves (Barcelona), Maicon (Internazionale), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Maxwell (Paris Saint-Germain), David Luiz (Chelsea), Thiago Silva (Paris Saint-Germain), Dante (Bayern Munich), Henrique (Napoli)

Midfielders: Luiz Gustavo (Wolfsburg), Paulinho (Tottenham), Ramires (Chelsea), Fernandinho (Manchester City), Oscar (Chelsea), Willian (Chelsea), Hernanes (Internazionale), Bernard (Shakhtar Donetsk)

Forwards: Fred (Fluminense), Neymar (Barcelona), Hulk (Zenit St Petersburg), Jô (Atlético Mineiro)
I was just coming to post this. Sooooo will Kaka bother put in any effort for the next two games since he did not make the squad? Sagrin
Siamo a posto cosi.
I actually feel sorry for Kaka, but he didn't deserve the place Sad
I feel sorry for Kaka too. I thought his experience would be useful for a young squad like this.
There is no exceptional names in Brazil NT, yet very dangerous altogether, like Italy 2006
I thought Italy 2006 had a lot of exceptional names? Huh

also, who is Maicon (Internazionale)? not the one at Roma right? which Internazionale?
2004-2006 is Ronaldinho's time. Top 10 could contain Kaka and Sheva but no Italian. Pirlo was worldly recognized after WC2006. Totti rises and falls with Roma.