Curva Sud activities
(03-21-2014, 08:49 PM)Ceceves Wrote: I don't know what he said, but does it matter? He served the club for a quarter of a century and surely deserved better than having some bitter, self-important fans (or "fans") ruin his farewell. Even the interisti paid more respect.

I am indifferent about calling the curva "self-important fans"... You know, players get paid A LOT to play the club. But loyal supporters paid A LOT to watch the club play (if you compare their daily income to whatever they spend to support the club). It is their right to feel important.
Fans have a right to feel important based on the money we spend on the teams we support, but there's a limit to what's acceptable and what's not. What ultras often do is overstep the mark/limit and that's where I think people have a right to take issue with their actions. In the case of the curva sud, they've overstepped that mark numerous times in recent times. Not just with the recent meetings with players (achieved through threats of violence), but such as those moments when they demanded the club let them go to games for free or they stopped other fans from supporting the team when trying to protest something (I forget what). Quite frankly, I can't stand most of our current group of players, I think they make a mockery of what this club historically stands for. At the same time, if they felt angry or disenchanted at the ultras behaviour after Sassuolo or Parma, I wouldn't blame them, because it's one thing to take issue with them by booing or making comments on them, but it becomes something else to intimidate and threaten them physically.

In the case of Maldini's issue at the airport, again the ultras overstepped the mark. Had Milan won that CL, we'd have won 2 CL and one scudetto in 3 years, matching what Sacchi's Milan achieved (let's not forget we're talking about the greatest club side in history there). The players lost and obviously a lot of fans felt anger and despair after the match (I certainly remember I wasn't in a good state). That said, given what we'd achieved up to that point by the players and their efforts, it's ridiculous that they got castigated at the airport for 6 minutes of madness after they'd given everything to win and were clearly as distraught as the rest of us. I know I felt frustration and some anger after that match, but it's going too far to go to the airport to give them hell. The irony, a lot of those guys who probably went to the airport were probably those who decided to sell their tickets for the final to Liverpool fans.
are they protesting or something?
(07-06-2017, 04:18 AM)sylrus Wrote: are they protesting or something?

I can't see the message of Reza because I'm at work (if it comes from Twitter or other social networks, it doesn't appear on my screen here), but if it's a picture from yesterday, they didn't protest, it's even the contrary, they basically showed and said they would support our new management and that they were very happy with what they have done so far.

5000 fans were in Milanello yesterday, which hadn't happened for years. Enthusiasm is back in Milan and we could see more people in the stadium, finally !
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
This raduno was pretty exciting compared to the last few years. The new signings came out, there was a lot of enthusiasm.