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R16: Colombia - Uruguay (June 28, 2014 - 22:00 CET)
Oh, please...
(06-28-2014, 03:18 PM)Aficio Wrote:
(06-28-2014, 02:16 PM)Ace Wrote: Truth is, they ("We") have a pretty good educational system, and that's it.. anything more than that is considered politics and I will not go into there.. not here atleast Smile

back to football, their best player is Beram Kayal, plays for Celtic.. yet he is rarely called up to the NT.

and to sum it up, if we here on MM put a team together and play in Israel's Premier league we'd surely win it without much effort Wink
while in Uruguay, they sure have a better league and better technically gifted players as they consider football and sports very important

I had a hunch that you are Big Grin and I really like education tradition of your country/people. Other things for me are myth, rumors, or politics like you said.

Since you denied the Israel's football so strongly, I am curious about sports in your country. Are you serious about competitive sports, in general?

Just one question, because it is off topic Big Grin

to clear things up, actually I'm Arab who happens to be born and live in Israel, hence I said anything else I say will be politics.. Smile

and mainly here we take sports seriously, especially football.. but there are very few talented players.. and those who are talented don't make it far.. also because of politics.. like I said the only really talented player who made it far is Beram Kayal with Celtic.. who isn't hyped as much as Benayoun who posses no real talent whatsoever Big Grin
and by serious I mean really serious, with even 2nd and 3rd tier football fans clashing at all times.. they tried hiring football stadium stewards last year.. lasted one matchday and then the idea got abandoned.
One match in particular has a minimum of 2000 (Stadiums are small, and fan restrictions are applied reguraly) riot police officers present before, during and after the match.. it is Betar Jerusalem vs Bnei Sakhnin.. its a match for pride, its a make it or break it match, the term "fair play" does not apply... you can google it Smile
not to mention the heated discussions about the World Cup, as instead of saying "Hi how are you?" its more like "Who do you support?" in this month.
while other sports don't get much attention, probably only Basketball with only the media doing all the hype with 90% are European or from the US.

and yeah, like Stitch implied.. I personally play the best sport in the world.. Cat and mouse with the police Sagrin

PS: I'm sorry, won't go any further about this in this thread.
Thank you Big Grin
Que golazo by James rodriguez!! Probably goal of the tournament so far IMO. Now on 4 goals for the WC
Siamo a posto cosi.
And how many assists does he have? 5? Amazing player.
aka xudong
He is the CAM I really really want to succeed Kaka 2007...

A dream
Dream indeed. AS Monaco bought him last summer from FC Porto with 45M.
aka xudong
At least I named him my captain in McDonalds Fantasy Big Grin
This was one of those Round-of-16 games where you just KNOW who the winner will be. Uruguay was disappointing all tournament apart from literary one half of football. And without Suarez they simply had no chance here.

James has been spectacular but that's nothing new. He's been spectacular for a couple of years now.

Either way...I also think this is the end of the road for Colombia as well. I don't think they have what it takes to beat Brazil, especially in the midfield and defensively.
I don't think Brazil have what it takes to beat Brazil without Neymar who is rumored to be injured. Big Grin

Brazil have only one good weapon left, the CB participation in dead ball situations.

Very Uruguay Big Grin