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R16: Colombia - Uruguay (June 28, 2014 - 22:00 CET)
Great performance by the Colombians. I thought they would struggle against Uruguay rough-housing but surprisingly they brushed it aside quite easily and scored two goals of the highest quality one can expect from both individual and team effort. James deservedly got the spotlight but I think Cuadrado is just as important for them as indicated by Uruguayan's fouling him at least three times inside the first three minutes. And to think that Galliani chose Lionel Mesbah from Lecce instead of him (according to Oddo) makes me scratch my head.
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Columbia look really good, but I was surprised at how much they ceded control to Uruguay in the second half. They were clearly the better side yet Uruguay had some really good chances to get back into it.

James Rodriguez deserves a mention having a fantastic world cup so far and scoring possibly the goal of the tournament last night. Outstanding game.

I'm glad Uruguay are out, if only because for the banal defence of Suarez.