Poll: How will the match end
Brazil win after 90 minutes
Brazil win after addition time
Brazil win after penalties
Colombia win after 90 minutes
Colombia win after addition time
Colombia win after penalties
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QF: Brazil vs Colombia - Too beautiful/ugly to last
[Image: bra.png] Brazil vs Colombia [Image: col.png]

Colombia play attractive football like Brazil in the past, while Brazil become uglier than their tradition.

Will Colombia continue their joyful journey or Brazil finish another complete-or-die mission?

Brazil: Luiz Gustavo is unavailable with 2 YCs. Luiz and Neymar suffer slight injury but can still join the battle.
Colombia have no unavailable players. With only 3 YCs/4 matches, they could achieve the Fair Play prize.

Ceará is always hot and humid, but it is still friendly too both teams, and since the match begins in 17:00 when the temperature drops, players will not become tired quickly.

Anyway, South America surely have a semifinalist Big Grin
It's tough to call. I voted Brazil to win in 90 minutes, but a lot depends on how well they recover following the Chile match. Columbia are good, but I think they will find this is a test that they haven't faced yet and it'll be interesting if Brazil try to use Neymar directly against Yepes (whose pace was always limited, never mind now at 38).

Really can't wait to see this match though.
I voted Brazil to win after extra-time, but I support Colombia (will be nice to see Brazil off).
I don't support either team in particular. I want to see a scoreline of 6-5 (no, not the PK shootout scorelines). Icon_lol2

What should I vote though? Do I have to vote?
The voting makes it a bit fun..adds a little spice to the spectacle Big Grin
Siamo a posto cosi.
So right now Colombia is getting no love. 5 votes, all say Brazil will advance..including my vote.

Do we have any Colombians here?
Poor Colombia. Why don't people love them? Shakira is amazing Big Grin
people do. it is just that they are playing Brazil who is the host.

also, this is already Columbia's first trip to final 8 in WC. They could be happy already. :d
(06-30-2014, 09:08 PM)Aficio Wrote: Poor Colombia. Why don't people love them? Shakira is amazing Big Grin
I agree. We don't want any one else to join for Colom-Shakiar club. You all please vote for Brazil Devilcool

[Image: 2428369-shakira-colombia-617-409.jpg]

[Image: 3908674.jpg]

Argentina will win the World Cup 2018

[Image: mhj0y.jpg]
I love Colombia's style of play but I fear that after such a performance against Uruguay and with all the world watching to see if they can replicate it against Brazil, I fear that James and Co. won't be able to cope with the pressure.
Siamo a posto cosi.