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Argentina win after 90 minutes
Argentina win after extra time
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Belgium win after 90 minutes
Belgium win after extra time
Belgium win after penalties
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QF: Argentina vs Belgium - Seasoned warriors vs ambitious rookies
This was supposed to be Belgium golden generation. They have dependable goalkeeper, tricky wingers, solid midfielders and defenders, promising strikers, perfectly balanced team of experience and youthful exuberance. They have everything but I'm yet to see they live up to the hype.
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Higuain scored Big Grin

An attacker doesn't name Messi Big Grin
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Belgium, Please!! Devilf
Argentina will win the World Cup 2022
Formerly mzk57
Argentina hasn't even left first gear yet..but they are prone to defensive lapses still. Belgium needs to be more clinical in the final third.
Siamo a posto cosi.
Thank you Belgium! Okmilan
Now I am beginning to feel sorry for Belgium Sagrin

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Argentina will win the World Cup 2022
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Argentina will win the World Cup 2022
Formerly mzk57
Argentina still don't impress me, but they won this match fairly comfortably, which surely says a lot about Belgium. I criticised Wilmots after the US match and I think it's justified he's responsible for much of what went wrong in this match. When you're facing Messi and give him yards of space on the counter, you're going to be hurt. The Belgian players were slow to react many times and on the goal it was shocking no one was tight on Higuain (Kompany was wrong footed mind).

Belgium has a huge number of quality individuals, but they don't work together. Argentina actually looked pretty comfortable, although there's very little I can say about them that's new. Lavezzi for Aguero was a brave and good decision from Sabella, as the latter has looked unfit while the former has done really well in attacking the wings of opposing teams.