Poll: Germany vs Brazil Who wins?
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Semifinals: Football summit - South America vs Europe
[Image: bra.png] VS [Image: ger.png]

Brazil and Germany are the countries with the most matches in World Cup, Germany surprisingly gave 104 performances while Brazil haven't reached 100 yet, but the South American representative achieved the greatest results.

They have met only once, in WC 2002 final. In that encounter, the efficient Brazil defeated one of the weakest Germany without their best player, Ballack. And now, the practical Germany will gladly meet one of the ugliest Brazil Grinundwech without their "most beautiful" player Confused

Brazil: Silva & Neymar out. Gustavo in.
Germany: Mustafi was injured in Ro16. Get well soon!

Brazil is in "winter". And Belo Horizonte at 17:00 tries her best to welcome the visitors.

Wouldn't it be better if we had separate threads for the two semifinals? Will make discussion and such a lot easier IMO
Siamo a posto cosi.
(07-06-2014, 06:31 AM)Mystik Wrote: Wouldn't it be better if we had separate threads for the two semifinals? Will make discussion and such a lot easier IMO

I second this. Why don't you open another thread Mystik? You and Aficio are our designated thread openers this World Cup Okmilan
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Yeah. I think Mystik should open the threads now, because I become lazy Grinundwech
We can still keep this thread open. Just ask Reza to rename it to the first semifinal match Brazil vs Germany then Mystik can start the Holland vs Argie thread.
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mzk already opened the Holland vs Argentina thread so I can just sit back and relax Big Grin

Aficio: can you edit the poll to reflect the Germany vs Brazil game?
Siamo a posto cosi.
Tough game for Brazil, losing Silva and Neymar. They have my sympathy, but I don't really support them asking for cancelling Silva's yellow (hence, no ban). That would be unfair, for the sake of football.

Whoever wins, I am fine. Out of the four teams, I would be happy as long as Argentina doesn't win it. I don't just like them, one of many reasons can be that I always link Argentina and Inter Merda together.
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I sadly can't, Mystik. Only Mods or higher can Big Grin
Updated poll
Marco Rodriguez, the ref who gave Marchisio a red and ignored Suarez's bite will preside this match Facepalm

Well done, Brazil!