Poll: What will happen?
Argentina win in 90 mins Devilsmoke
Argentina win in extra time Devilcool
Argentina win on penalties Devilf
Holland win in 90 mins Wth
Holland win in extra time Stuckup
Holland win on penalties Diablotin
Robben dives Dodgy
Messi scores Party dance
Krul drama again Facepalm
I hate van Gaal Joker smile
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Semi Final: Holland vs Argentina
(07-09-2014, 11:50 PM)mzk57 Wrote: Thank you Holland. Congrats Argentina! ........ Argentina! Okmilan
Breaking News: "Linoel Messi has dedicated this win to Xudong of MM Devilf"

I am so deeply honored. Devilf Sagrin
I slept after first half.

I know that both teams love exploiting opponent's weakness when attacking, but that was too much.
I'm assuming they didn't want to score, so they don't have to play against Germany Sagrin
Definetly one of the most boring games on this WC
I guess after what seemed other-worldly in the Brazil-Germany game, the earth went back to spinning.And this is what semifinal in real world often looks like: a turgid affair.
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Sad, yet beautiful. Your father is a hero, kid.

Hollands did great in this and last WCs. Good luck for Euro 2016!