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Another Brazilian 7up! Devilf
Silva Rises 3bandiera
Hunter Night Rossonero
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(Bronze) Brazil vs Netherlands
I think so too. Also, the fact that this was a useless third-place match probably helped the referee decide that there was no need for such harsh treatment.

Poor Brazil. Every WC I watched, even when they didn't win, they could have won. But they apparently had no chance this time. Still, I can't believe it in the last two matches when I saw how bad their defense was. They must have conceded 5 or 6 goals when the opponents were absolutely unmarked in the box. So amateurish.

Their problem might have been the coach, who apparently did not have a Plan B. The Plan A was Neymar all along, and you can see that they all of a sudden didn't know how to attack and how to play in general when Neymar was out.

And of course, that's only one of the many problems.
aka xudong
Oscar is the Neymar for this game in that he was asked to do everything, dropping deep to collect the ball, charging forward, making final pass, or trying to score himself. But even after being two goals down, they seemed more likely to concede from the Netherlands counter-attack than to score. What an embarassing performance.
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Based on these poor performance, I think Fifa should take back the 1994 title from Brazil, because they don't deserve to called a 5 times world champs. Another world cup should be played for the 1994 title next year, but with only 8 teams and knockout system. That would justify things in football world.
Argentina will win the World Cup 2022
Formerly mzk57
(07-13-2014, 01:19 AM)Aficio Wrote: I think the ref was right to give Silva just a yellow. A red is technically justified, but it could kill the match early. Sometimes a ref should be flexible.

And this is not the best Silva.

tbh he's got no help. The midfield duo have been atrocious for two matches and as much as Luiz Gustavo is important, he unable to cope when there's literally no cover either side of him. Brazil's fullbacks have been a disaster this tournament, Maicon's been ok, but isn't really at his best anymore. As for David Luiz, I think the hero status he earned during the Colombia match got to his head and he lost his positional discipline completely there after. Had Thiago Silva not played yesterday, Brazil would have been slaughtered again, as he was covering for literally his whole side at the back.

Honestly, Brazil weren't in the game yesterday. Even when trying, it was obvious all confidence was shattered in the side and the belief was gone.
I agree that Silva had to wipe everyone asses. Sorry for the dirty expression Big Grin But I remember he was much better in a Milan without Nesta.

And I think the biggest problem of Silva is his leadership. He should organize the defense, not just clean the mess.
It is also funny that before the WC started, every pundit would call this Brazilian side "weak in attack but strong in defense". At the end, they became the team with the worst defensive record (14 goals conceded) in WC since its expansion to 32.

I agree with both of you regarding Silva. I think he is a great player but he does not have the nerve made of steel like Baresi or Beckenbauer. He is probably better off not being the captain.
aka xudong