World Cup 2014 team
(07-15-2014, 05:05 PM)xudong Wrote: Yes, it was purely based on statistics, but it is still quite strange (and ironic) that Messi the Golden Ball winner couldn't even make it to the best XI.

WC Golden Ball is Adidas Golden Ball so the one has contract wins. Germany won, so Messi is "fair" choice.

I think the performance of both Messi and Neymar dropped after table round because of opponents' attention, and each team had own way to cope with. Argentina relied on luck and tight defense. Brazil relied on CBs since their other attackers were useless.

People blamed Luiz for his tactical indiscipline, but I think Scolari allowed or even instructed him to attack since the team had no valid option. Silva also shared the same fate, he received YC after trying to prevent a quick counter attack from Colombian GK.

Messi and Neymar were unlucky. They also need someone to share the burden, and it was weird that their fellow attackers were all useless regardless of capability.