Disgusting servers. I can't even navigate through the menus because the lag is so bad. Apparently it has something to do with the way EA programmed the network. You don't get this issue if you don't login but I need to be logged in to play FUT..Facepalm swear my Sega genesis did not have these problems...
Siamo a posto cosi.
Thanks for the feedback Mystik, some very interesting points you make there.

As for the servers, is this something they're looking into?
I would hope so. I have not gone on their official website yet but from what I've been seeing they would actually need to release a patch to fix this issue. I will try to play again tonight and let you know. This issue does not only affect online play btw. Once you are logged on to EA's servers, even if you're trying to play offline you're screwed.

Also something cool that I forgot to mention. Once one of my (crap) players took a shot and hit one of the light poles in the background. The pole actually bent and remained that way for the remainder of the game. Little but interesting to me!

Pet peeve btw..those commentators STILL cannot pronounce Serie A. We are apparently playing in "Siri A" :Facepalm::Facepalm::Facepalm::Facepalm:
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I played the demo of PES15 today and must say I'm really, really impressed. Before going into detail, there's little doubt in my mind that of the FIFA and PES demos I've played, PES is unquestionably better. That said, I'm comparing them on PS3 rather than the new gen consoles. Also there are elements of both which I obviously haven't tried (i.e. I'm very interested in the individual instructions to players in FIFA).

The thing that made the PES so impressive were the details. Animations feel so much more sophisticated, natural and realistic, which makes a massive impact on the gameplay and understanding how players move and position themselves. Normally in the past having so many different animations made the gameplay feel floaty, but here it feels very responsive.

The other element that really impressed me was how good teams were tactically. This is something that impressed me in PES 14, but it does appear to have been improved this time, with smarter positioning and structure.

However, the thing that impressed me most is how the individual players work. Playing as Real, Bale's pace and power felt realistic, while Ronaldo was a beast as in real life and was very much like a second striker meaning I played essentially 4-4-2 despite the original system being 4-3-3 with Ronaldo deeper and wider. However, I most enjoyed playing with James Rodriguez, whose ability to find space (imo his best skill in real life) allowed him to dominate games.

I was wondering whether this was just coincidence with who I was playing as and who against. So I did what I considered the best test of whether the AI was that good and the animations that detailed, which is to see what it was like using Pirlo, who I've never thought has been captured well in games simply because his best qualities are so subtle in real life. I played as Juve against Barca (choosing a team notorious for their high pressing) and was more than impressed. Not only did Pirlo move into space as he does in real life, but even more they got the subtleties of his game right. It's his ability to use his body to shield the ball and his small feints to escape from opponents that surprised me. Add that with very realistic movement and for the first time I felt like I was controlling Pirlo in a game.
I have played exactly 1 (one) online match in FIFA 15

I was Milan, the guy was PSG

1-0 for me
2-1 for me
3-2 for me
and then 4-3 for him and the game ended

i almost jumped through the window Big Grin

good old career mode, at least i wont get frustrated when i lose to the computer Big Grin
You don't get frustrated losing to the computer? One of the most annoying things about playing the computer (on legendary) is that they are too perfect in possession. Every dribble, every touch, every decision is flawless. When they have the's a serious struggle to get it back. That makes ME want to jump out of a window Big Grin
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Well, I'm not THAT good so it's a struggle for me to get it back at Semi-pro Big Grin when i play against top teams

its the perfect level for me, I dont win all of the games so its not too easy, I win about 70% of games. Which is just the right amount to keep me interested, not too easy but not that hard to get me frustrated Wink

I was 6th first season, won the treble the second season, right now I'm third, but I lost a game to CSKA in CL Big Grin and to Argentina in WC qualifiers since I'm Brazil.
While not specifically about FIFA, I thought this article was interesting:

Now, as my past posts will probably suggest, I am one who generally favours the football sim that plays better than the bells and whistles outside of the gameplay itself. However, I can understand where this guy is coming from, as some of the features make for a more expansive and interesting game. Things like menus and commentary for me are moot points. I couldn't care less what a menu looks like as long as it's functional and I almost never have the sound on when playing football games. The other thing is lack of licenses in PES, though it does have community patches to help give real names available. Not a deal breaker for me, though I understand there are fans who want this stuff.

However, what I think is important is making certain features better. I don't know about PES 15's copy of Ultimate team, nor am I a big online player, but if they were to provide/invest in a decent online service that can at least look to provide a similar quality to FIFA, there's no doubt in my mind that a lot of players would consider PES.

Where FIFA for me is much better is Career mode. I hate the way PES14 didn't have an actual calendar and the transfer system is more about rewarding patience than actually simulating real football, never mind there's no real dealing system (i.e. you just sort of choose who you want to buy and hope it works out). Then there are totally random elements, such as which jobs are offered to you or the mood/motivation of the players (that last one just irritates me). From what I gather, PES15 doesn't necessarily improve these much.

Thing is, I think for gameplay purists and those looking for the most realistic simulation when in games, PES15 seems the better game when comparing the two (certainly the case from my own experiences this year). However, while I and I'm sure many other will be prepared to overlook the flaws for better gameplay, I do agree with comments saying that Konami must do much more to make the overall experience better. Simply put, I remember when I first started playing PES14's career mode and just thought it felt 5-10 years behind the stuff in FIFA.