Euro 2016 Qualifiers
Top 2 and the best 3rd go through. 8 third placed teams playoff for four spots.
holland is a joke, they can't even beat iceland????
The Netherlands decide to miss out on a tournament that just expanded to 24 teams in Europe for the first time? Facepalm

Turkey is solidly in the driving seat now. Poor Oranje.
Turkey for once actually played a very good game and totally deserved to win.

However, I think they'll shit themselves and let this slip to miss out yet another competition. So the only driving seat Turkey will ever be in is the one of a bigger size than they can ever handle. )

Oranje will make it.

Calhanoglu, Oguzhan and that right backwhateer his name is, impressed me and even Burak Yilmaz, for once, did not make me shake in frustration.

Iceland. Fucken Iceland! What on Earth is happening to this world when Iceland(!!!) coached by freaken Lagerback(!!!!!) wins a group consisting of Holland, Ceska and Turkey? :O
The Dutch have been poor. Very bad! There is many problems in their line up, but for me the blindness towards certain underperforming players is what's cost them. Blind has been absolutely terrible. Amateurish....yet he starts every game for them and in crucial positions (played as a holder against Turkey). He's never been a great player imo and has always been just average. He cost them the game against Turkey in the first half.

Narsingh is another one. He couldn't even hold a regular starting spot for PSV last year but constantly makes the call up and is chosen as the player to replace Robben (who is troubled with injuries again).

The defensive line is just terrible and needs more protection. I know people always talk about De Vrij, but again, for me just another average player. Nothing special.

This Dutch defence can really use someone like De Jong...BUT they'd rather Blind there I guess. They even used Klaasen there against Iceland, and he is not that player. He is a more advanced type of option and should play further forward.

Even through all this, they can still qualify because Turkey is not convincing and they have two tough games against Czech Rep. and Iceland in the last two matches. I can easily see them losing one of those and throwing it all away....the quesrion is can Holland win twice? If they play like they have been, the answer will be no. BUT you never know. If Robben is healthy and in form he can with both games singlehandedly for them.
Robben, Sneijder and RvP are obviously in decline. Since this is the trio that has produced 100% of Hollands (quite poor)offensive game the last 5 years they are in big, big trouble. Add to this the fact that Dutch clubs aren’t doing too well these days.

The XI vs Turkey was among the worst ever. Facepalm

Holland is a huge footballing nation so they’ll come back one day, but for now; no.
Will they miss out on the Euros? I don’t know. Turkey are inconsistent and very prone to brainfarts and my intuition tells me Turkey will shit themselves.
Players are dropping like flies this international break. Pogba, Gotze, Aguero (South America I know), Benzema, Pirlo, Insigne all picking up injuries so far.
Siamo a posto cosi.
Platini expands Euros so up to 3 qualify. In a group with Turkey, Iceland and Czechs ... Holland finish 4th!
(10-13-2015, 09:43 PM)reza Wrote: Platini expands Euros so up to 3 qualify. In a group with Turkey, Iceland and Czechs ... Holland finish 4th!

theyre in the process of getting new generation of players though...i mean, besides robben, (did he play at all? i did not follow their games) and lets say huntelaar, who else is still a top player?

on the other side look at belgium...they scare me
Playoffs draw

Norway v Hungary: 12 & 15 November
Bosnia and Herzegovina v Republic of Ireland: 13 & 16 November
Ukraine v Slovenia: 14 & 17 November
Sweden v Denmark: 14 & 17 November

Already qualified

France – Group A, position 1 as hosts
Spain – Pot 1 as holders
Germany – Pot 1
England – Pot 1
Portugal – Pot 1
Belgium – Pot 1
Italy – Pot 2
Russia – Pot 2
Switzerland – Pot 2
Austria – Pot 2
Croatia – Pot 2
Czech Republic – tbc
Poland – tbc
Romania – tbc
Slovakia – tbc
Turkey – tbc
Iceland – Pot 4
Wales – Pot 4
Albania – Pot 4
Northern Ireland – Pot 4